One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Problems of Film making in Nigeria

33yrs ago, @kunleafo's dad complained about the same issues that we are talking about now. Just as he argued that the film industry needed Government's attention to maximize the huge potentials that existed in Nigeria, in that sector, other people shouted how the Rubber, palm and groundnut businesses were being neglected because of cheap oil money. Some others complained that we needed to increase our road networks, but government was more concerned about building an airport in every state capital. There was money. The roads were for those who couldn't fly. Railways? Trailer park them no see am you dey ask for driver. Same thing with the education an health sectors. The men in Khaki thought and realized they were in power without getting degrees... "so what are the bloody civilians talking about?" You can see where that neglect has put us now. Rubber gone. Cocoa gone. Timber gone. Groundnut gone. Textile long gone. Sports at the brink. Television broadcasting, going going....

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