One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Sunday, 12 February 2017

The Nigerian Scenario

I.E.... Mr Abel has several wives. Only the ones in Green, Black and Red skirts have jobs, where they earned a living. Martha the one in green is a Nurse. The one in black is a teacher. She goes by the name Rose. The wife in Red, is a banker.

Exchange Rate

  • Why will the exchange rates not go up? Besides the consequences of trade imbalance, total dependence on oil revenues, failure to develop local industries, poor and untapped tourism sector, Niger Delta issues, poor states that only take but can't contribute to Federal Accounts...


If we do not take things serious in this country... things will be so serious we would be worse for it. So many years ago, a group of importers of orange juice woke up to a rumour that Obasanjo's government was going to ban imported juice.

A Man is not a financial plan

This is what I should have sent to that extremely pretty lady I met in a Governor's Lodge, in Abuja in 2009. When I say she was a beauty... I mean finer than Bianca OJUKWU. And as we got gisting and waited for Our Excellency to attend to us, she revealed that she had a 2.1 in Microbiology.

Don't lose your flame!

The first time i came across this wise words, I went back to read the part of the Bible that said love your neighbour AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF. It rang home with me. Many years ago, in 1986 I learnt how to swim in the legendary Abraka River.

Happy New year Message

  • When the happy new year messages started flying around from on the 1st of January, a thought crossed my mind. There would be some people, who will decide that they will not send someone they know, a happy new year message, just to see if they will receive one from that person.


  • The amount of fatal crimes committed in this country, using weapons would have been reduced by a large percentage if some custom officers are not bent on giving the agency a bad name.

Being Kind...

Being kind and helping another is not to be hinged on any disability. You can be poor and still help someone who is rich. You must find what it is that you have inside you, that is your ability. That is what you will use to uplift the person who may look like they don't need help.

Stealing Ideas

Stealing people's ideas has now become a profession and a form of speculative investment for lazy bones. It's worse than piracy or even yahoo yahoo. They wait for your ideas to mature and jump on it.

Smart Woman...

A smart woman believes that a smart man would be smart enough to know THAT she is a woman and permit certain things she says, doesn't say, do or not do. And she BELIEVES a smart man would be sharp enough to figure things out even before she hints they need to be sorted out...

Artiste Manager

I will be blunt. If as an artiste you are sharper in thought and idea processing, than your artiste manager, what you have is an Ordinary Assistant. Your artiste manager should be light years ahead of your goals. He or she should be the person who gives your ideas wings.


Let me explain. You can not say you have stopped smoking and stop smoking. You have to come to terms with why you smoke, deal with it and then you will stop smoking. That means, if you smoke weed to get high, then there must be a reason why you want to get high.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Two different tools

Just looking at these two pictures will just mean one thing to you. Two different tools. But let me ask, if your life challenges depend on this tools, which would you like to have? The first time I saw the top one was in Dubai... Amin, is a wild Royal. He owns Camels, Argentine Horses, Harley Davidson bikes, Yatch, Jet skis, a helicopter and countless SUVS. This multipurpose knife is in all his vehicles. He never goes driving or riding without one. He said he always likes to have a solution nearby. But this is not about him. This is about the Nigerian creative sector. We have gone to sleep for too long. I agree the government had not created the enabling environment. But ask yourself, was it the government that created the boost that heralded #BehindTheCloud#Checkmate #SurpleBlues#NewMasquerade #TalesByMoonlight#MorningRide? And many others? No. It took a creative mind to bring the idea to life. Every time I see @channelstelevision, a NEWS based station, winning television station of the year, it further tells me the kind of slumber our manager programs and creative minds are in. It's almost a coma. This is not to take away from the achievement of Channels. They deserve to win again and again. They worked hard for it. How is it that some who does one thing is beating you, that does everything, including what Channels does and even has a wider reach, can't beat them hands down? At best, with all creative abilities in your possession, activated, what Channels should win should be News Station of the year. But no. You have missed the memo. Content is king. That was till Channels came out. Now News content is king. John MOMOH and his team deserve all the credits they get. Because there is no excuse.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The Super Falcons

When a delegation of the National Assembly go represent us outside Nigeria, did they get their estacodes? What about the OPEC meetings? Do ministers who go on foreign trips to shore up our international relevance and bring FDI... ask that funds be released to them?

Tame your dragons

Like in Game of Thrones... tame your dragons now. When they grow and become uncontrollable you will regret it. When the herdsmen started their pillaging of communities... we let them get away with murder.