One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Still on the Judges...

Back in the days, when teachers ask questions, that very few knew answers to, the bullies in the class who were not very smart, would threaten any smart person on their row, who knew the answers if they dared raised their hands. Or better still they would insist the smart person first told them the answers before they attempted to raise their hands.

Monday, 10 October 2016

You can pray until you faint...

I remember saying this, but the religious bigots said I was blaspheming. David did not only pray about Goliath, he used his catapult. Ruth did not sit at home to mourn as a widow, she went out. The people who wanted their brother healed, came through the roof. The woman with the issue of blood, grabbed His garment. Moses' mother put Moses in a basket and still put someone to watch over him. Zaccheaus climbed a tree. If you want babies you must do... immaculate conception no be beans. If you don't read, the questions gemegi vroooooom n'ayan. Usain Bolt doesn't pray to win 100mtres or all his other races... he runs them. Faith without works... #kolewerk!

Our Judiciary!!!

What is not good is very very bad... the mess in the judicial system is the reason people who should be in jail are allowed to run for elections, become governors, senators and even determine the fate of our country.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The buck stops with the head

Sometimes we should be careful how much of the phrase "the buck stops with the head" we let form the basis of apportioning blames. I'm saying this to draw your attention to a part of things we see and jump to conclusions with.

Ketu Market

Until we learn not to waste in Nigeria, we would still just be talking of our potentials as a giant of Africa. In a country that has a demand for fruit drinks and juices, that can hardly be met, it still amazes me that we continue to waste so much... #ketuMarket

Happy Independence

Not even a glass of glo... They are happy drinking from Mtn and Airtel... not very nationalistic... anyway #HappyIndependence ... But Buhari's glass says, I belong to nobody, I belong to ebryone

Exchange Rate

Some people need to understand that the dynamics of the exchange rate is not necessarily a factor of now now policy pronouncements. At least not in the case of Nigeria. Our economy has gone beyond that of quick fix policies.


Went to support @Micheleathers1 and her interns. It was a pleasure to see that I still had the skills of shoemaking... something I learnt how to, in 1984!

Problems of Film making in Nigeria

33yrs ago, @kunleafo's dad complained about the same issues that we are talking about now. Just as he argued that the film industry needed Government's attention to maximize the huge potentials that existed in Nigeria, in that sector, other people shouted how the Rubber, palm and groundnut businesses were being neglected because of cheap oil money.

Paul Pogba

Every move, completed or Uncompleted pass this man makes, I am reminded of the hardworking role of a midfielder and play maker. His measured passes, dribbling skills, ball control, positioning and stamina are pure gold... I can understand the beef people have for him for not banging in goals. But he is a reliable work horse and engine room of the ManUnited team. Reminds me of #MikelObi... just a little more.


#Spontaneity!... is the HOLY GRAIL of stand up comedy. The audience were made to write any topic of their choice. And all the comedian does is pick one topic and just be funny. If you think this is easy, you have not been to one of the editions. It takes all tissues, nerves and veins of humour in you to keep going. Maybe next time before the comedians perform, we will pass a purple bowl... and I can just show the audience and contestants how it's done. By the way, who attended the last one? #alibabasSpontaneity #LiveComedy


The education of our minds as a people is a very important tangent in The Whole efforts to have a better country. Met someone today who reminded me of how he and some people had to rescue me from the hands of some angry youths in Warri in 2008...

Land for sale

I knew it will come to this. You will have land, sell you won't sell. Lease you won't lease. Build on it you say no! You are busy speculating. Waiting for when the land you bought for 300k will become 30billion. While making the municipality look like BENIN-Ore expressway. God is watching you. Now Lagos State government is taking over lands that have not been developed, you are shouting. As if you don't know that when a land has been left undeveloped for too long the CofO can be revoked. Anyway, if you know you have a minimum of 4000sqmtrs land you are not using again, let me know. Let me help you develop it till you are ready to sell.

Lagos disappearing Island

Sometimes, the vision of people who work with the chief visioneer in an organized setting, be it public service or private sector, may be the only stumbling block to the reason growth and development is poor or truncated.

The Circus

What does a cheetah need to prove in a race...? Not much