One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Learn to let go!!!

Learn to let go!!!!!! If it did not work for you, all that "he used to"... "She used to"... "We were supposed to" is not necessary. Move on. I often don't get ladies who try to discourage another lady from dating a guy because "he toasted me and I said no".


The mind and what it thinks, is a function of our upbringing, our observations, our education, interactions, aspirations, inspirations and consequence of all that processed information. That is why it's not what goeth into us that messes up...

Thursday, 18 August 2016

The Wedding Party

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Divine Oduduru

While some are waiting for Federal Government to come and put food on their tables, @divinerun aka "Let's Leave it in the hands of God" has taken things into his hands to teach us all that greatness can come from anywhere. He ran against @usainbolt. Even if he came last, and he did not, he has achieved something. But guess what, people like him don't get mentioned in our daily conversations. He can not trend. Has he impregnated anyone? Was he caught for rape? Did he fight with anyone? What we need to do is to make this kind of stories from #Ovwor#Olomu#Ughelli #DeltaState... become an inspiration to some who think going to burst pipelines and blow up oil installations is the only way to get attention. Guess what? This guy is representing all of us. Let's show him love. Follow @divinerun let's appreciate his good runs for our country.... Go look at his pictures. 12 likes. 32 likes... But if a babe shows cleavage... 5000 likes. One guy will wear only briefs... 10,000 likes... But this one? Naaaaa

A Trip to Jamaica

Remy Martin

Taking good care of Cognac’s finest collection. #Remy

Lessons from Usain Bolt

LESSONS!!! 1. What you know how to do can not be taken away from you if you don't stop KNOWING HOW TO DO IT. 2. The reason people stop being known for what they do is because they stopped knowing how to do it. 3. Knowing how... Includes how to do it better, what to do to be better, where it can be shown that you are better, when you should show that you are better, what to focus on... 4. When you are the best you will be miles ahead of the pack. 5. Your strides will be effortless even when people are bursting their veins to be better than their peers to be 2nd best. 6. Be steps ahead. Learn to have advantage even if all things are equal. 7. People can have the same tools as you, start the same time as you, but let your preparation, training and better use of ideas pull you ahead. 8. People who tell you to slow down are not as fast as you are. Let them catch up 9. Don't wait till the day you are needed to prove your worth, to be the best. Be the best before you are called upon to do so. 10. When you are the best, you bring out the best in others. Because they will be striving to catch up with you and outdo others. 11. When you are ahead of the pack, that is when you can steal a glance. Don't steal a glance when you are still in a tight competition, you may get intimidated or worse while you are stealing a glance your competition is looking ahead. Do it when you are clear of distraction. Delayed gratification. 12. No one will let you be the best. They will trump you if you slip and fall. They will not stop to ask for a rerun. They will claim the best position. 13. Go ask @lewishamilton, he believes if you see people tail lights you are not ahead of them. 14. You may be in the same team. Wear the same spikes. Be the same in many ways. But it's the you in you that will make the difference. The Racket doesn't win the match. Because your opponent can use the same racket yet you beat the opponent. Look at #usainbolt's face... Kind of like saying, "You think you can beat me by wearing the same running shoes? No maaaan. You Kiant dig it!!"

Recommended Read

Recommended Read

Creating Television Programmes

CREATING TELEVISION PROGRAMMES... After seeing me talk to students in the mass media department on creating content for television, I was invited to talk to a programmes department of a television station. So, just so, we are on the same page, I asked them what were the core issues to be considered before creating a content for television. After several attempts, it finally occurred to me why we have poor programming. Many people think the main reason for creating a PROGRAMME is to make money for the station. Anyway, I also realized why the owner thought his needed to be educated. Before creating content for viewers, you must consider, VIEWERS' AGE, EDUCATION, LANGUAGE, RELIGION, LIFESTYLES, GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION, CULTURE AND ECONOMIC STATUS... The other issues are TRANSMISSION TIME, COST OF PRODUCTION, PRESENTER, SET/LOCATION, CONTENT DEVELOPER, PRODUCER, sponsorship and of course the objectives of the show. The Demography of a people matters a lot in television content development. Buying programs from foreign lands does not make your television station a core part of development. It makes it a conduit for transmitting foreign culture and growing foreign talents. You are broadcasting foreign values and leaving your own stories untold. Enough said. Take a look at that map and see the different dynamics that can germinate programmes in Nigeria. And even that map is just a bite of the whole buffet of what local contain has that is untapped


So last night, my younger brother, MUOBO, called me from home and as we started gisting, he switched into serious #Waffi. I knew he was going to hit me with something. "Ehen, Bros, you remember that kpomushele wey you do their "wite" wedding last yeah for Shell?" Yes. I remember Na. The Ejenavwo. "Ehen Na sheooo... She dey carry dey do anyha. The husband tell an so tey she no hear. He unplug her last week Na. The marriage subscription don Miaaa! She be free to air now." Them no fit settle am? I asked. "Settle faya! Na she take her too left legs pack commot for the guy bunk Na. For her mind the guy go come beg. The guy tint since March!" Why Daddy no enter the matter? "Which Daddy? Chief Akpobome wey I know? You forget say last year for the wedding, Na one korodo invite she send come for the whole family? Plus OVIE, plus Inorogun... And Na we be her FADA SIDE OOO." That one no reach to make Old man bone her Na. "Bros leave that thing. Marriage for home no be like Nollywood to be continued ooo. If you do anyha you go see anyha. E dey bible" Abeg fade! Where that one dey for bible? "Brossssss, shebi I tell you say lagos don dey weaken you ooo. Oya, Wetin Moses tell Pharaoh?" Him say, Let my people Go. "Noooo. That Na when him still dey peeless am. Na when hin say, him go kpai all their first sons them! That Na the do anyha see anyha verse! Go read am!" I hung up

Groundnut Pyramids

All or most of the people that should be employed doing this, are in Lagos, riding Okada, Keke napep, doing maiguard, chaperoning disabled and being of absolutely no use... Because their state Governors know there is money coming from Niger Delta and oil producing states to be shared every month.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


About a month ago, or more, some of you will recall that I posted here that people who earn a living in Lagos and reside in Lagos should pay their taxes. Many called me names. Some said I was paid to do it.

Photo of the Week

Photo of the week
Toyota What?


The reason some people can never be on their own is because they do not have wings. So you can not even be the winds beneath their wings. They are flightless. You must tell them where to fly to and how to fly there, then give them wings too.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016


Most times, the reason you actually get a job, is the value that you bring to the table. That is why you get employed. Not the fact that you went to a great school, speak well, dress well, came highly recommended. Some time back, a friend wanted an executive assistant.


Jesus did not send someone to go and call Zacchaeus from home. In the parable of the 10 maidens, the other 5 left the dance floor. David met Goliath on the battle field. Opportunity knocks but once... Hey, have you built a door or a wall? You have to create opportunity for opportunity to knock.

Customer Service

Customer service is why many customers become loyal customers. Good customer service makes your customers your brand ambassadors. You will get more referrals from a safisfied customer than from a bitter one, naturally! It's not a service provided by only one department in an organization... If a car with a company's logo hit a child and runs off, it's the company that would have bad rep... Not the department using that vehicle. (Tbc)


I have read, seen and heard so many takes on this #olajumokeorisaguna #tybellophotography happenstance. The thing that still amazes me is the fact that several people, failed to see the undercurrents that make this story insightful.


Nothing lasts forever. On its own that is. You make it last forever. This morning, a friend called to tell me not to bother to beg. Meanwhile, the babe had called me on Friday to complain.

Don’t Be Selfish

Don't be selfish! Don't be selfish!! This message can not be screamed enough. As ordinary as it may seem, that is the stark truth. I see this in entertainment always. 

People introduce you to Showbiz. Then you blow. Then you begin to fence others who want your kind of opportunities. Look at Messi. He could have scored the penalty to set his 300th goal. But he set up a hat trick for Soarez. That's what selfless is all about. 

Monday, 8 August 2016


A Comedian has many platforms for expressing the talents of making people laugh. It could be on stage as an actor in a play with other actors. The comedian can also be on television or radio. In the instances where the act is professed by writing they can be called humorists and if they toe the line of drawing they are cartoonists. The comedian who performs live is called the stand up comedian. These are those comedians who hug the microphone alone and perform to an audience using materials they expect to provoke laughter in the audience. These lot bank on their abilities alone. If they are funny... good. Otherwise, they are to blame too.

The stand up comedian is a master of his success. He is so called because from the days of old, the act is one where the performer is expected to use every trick in the book to create funny stories, or like we say in Nigeria, gists or faboo(fable). The extent to which the stories climb on the laughter meter or swing on the haha pendulum rests fully on the stand up comedian. This is no mean task. It's not a one exam test. It's a continuous assessment act. You are either good all through the act or lose vital laugh points. Which in the end determine if your performance was excellently brilliant, good, just ok or poor.