One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Dollar Rain

We are suffering from major consequences of FREE! We became a bunch of people who expected to reap from where we didn't sow. We like to wear what we didn't sew too! We failed to plant, yet expect to harvest. We have a crop of people who just take without giving. We literally are being sustained by manna from heaven (crude oil). If we had to create the product to earn the money, we would have long become a 5th world country. Let me explain. We are not used to adding value. We like to take after people have added value. That is why we depend on foreign players because we have no institutionalized system to bring the best out of sportsmen. We don't know how to develop local content. We would rather get a franchise of a television show, than create ours. Because we have some heads of programs in broadcast media who are anything but creative. Where is MTEL? Or NITEL? Do you know why they packed up? Becos pple who were working there were not adding value. Just there to be paid. Did @channelstelevision not come from someone who worked in NTA? Where is Nigeria Airways? Do you know how many GOVT people used to fly Nigeria airways on credit? How about NITEL phone bills? What of General Hospitals? Or even Housing Estates? Civil servants get free accommodation & rent it to civilians. Do you know what Barracks across the country owed NEPA? Come & owe Discos Na, you go dance reggae in the dark. Our mentality is that once it belongs to govt, it's free. Oshomole tried to screen teachers & there was an outcry. Yet, EDO wants good education. Private schools don't employ teachers who need education. They employ teachers who give education. Let people earn their entitlements. Deliverables is the core of commerce. Many people who work as advisers to Politicians, can't find work in any profit making organization. With monthly & quarterly appraisals? How? If NTA is commercialized, with its network & assets, private tv stations will know what competition is. There are core areas Govt can hold on to, but the mentality of receiving without earning is why we are in this abyss. States don't add to FEd Acct but want allocation. Banks sack if you don't justify salary. Govt should too!

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