One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The buck stops with the head

Sometimes we should be careful how much of the phrase "the buck stops with the head" we let form the basis of apportioning blames. I'm saying this to draw your attention to a part of things we see and jump to conclusions with. After many listened to Gov Peter OBI's speech at #ThePlatform, they went on to ask, "So why did he not advise GEJ?" That is clearly an indication of the ignorance that informs our utterances. In the first place, many do not know that, GEJ like all Presidents before him, never took decisions alone. The Federal Executive council meets and put deliberations to vote. So if all the other governors who did not have the kind of mindset GOV OBI has voted 35-1, how will his vote influence change. I have met his wife, my ukot (sister Inlaw) as I call her, and she has no retinue of security details like other governors' wives. Do you think she could by a long stretch of imagination influenced the First Lady? The buck doesn't always end on the leader's table. Look at that pictures. Did you need a Governor of Lagos to come tell someone in Town Planning that the tree can not be allowed to grow next to a light pole? Or that a pole can not be installed right beside a tree? The second picture is something that happened on Saturday here, at my estate. The workmen cut this tree and left it on walkway since Saturday. Common sense should have told them to leave it on the grass. But no. They left it where it is now. Do we still have to put the blame of that tree on leadership? Of course not. The persons who left the tree there needed to know better. It's a matter of initiative that informs actions.

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