One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Two different tools

Just looking at these two pictures will just mean one thing to you. Two different tools. But let me ask, if your life challenges depend on this tools, which would you like to have? The first time I saw the top one was in Dubai... Amin, is a wild Royal. He owns Camels, Argentine Horses, Harley Davidson bikes, Yatch, Jet skis, a helicopter and countless SUVS. This multipurpose knife is in all his vehicles. He never goes driving or riding without one. He said he always likes to have a solution nearby. But this is not about him. This is about the Nigerian creative sector. We have gone to sleep for too long. I agree the government had not created the enabling environment. But ask yourself, was it the government that created the boost that heralded #BehindTheCloud#Checkmate #SurpleBlues#NewMasquerade #TalesByMoonlight#MorningRide? And many others? No. It took a creative mind to bring the idea to life. Every time I see @channelstelevision, a NEWS based station, winning television station of the year, it further tells me the kind of slumber our manager programs and creative minds are in. It's almost a coma. This is not to take away from the achievement of Channels. They deserve to win again and again. They worked hard for it. How is it that some who does one thing is beating you, that does everything, including what Channels does and even has a wider reach, can't beat them hands down? At best, with all creative abilities in your possession, activated, what Channels should win should be News Station of the year. But no. You have missed the memo. Content is king. That was till Channels came out. Now News content is king. John MOMOH and his team deserve all the credits they get. Because there is no excuse.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The Super Falcons

When a delegation of the National Assembly go represent us outside Nigeria, did they get their estacodes? What about the OPEC meetings? Do ministers who go on foreign trips to shore up our international relevance and bring FDI... ask that funds be released to them?

Tame your dragons

Like in Game of Thrones... tame your dragons now. When they grow and become uncontrollable you will regret it. When the herdsmen started their pillaging of communities... we let them get away with murder.

Other people's reaction

In life, some people will come at you for no reason but just because that is the only way they know how to relate. Very often, they have been raised that way, or they were conditioned that way, or they have gotten away with it so many times, or they think that it's the only approach to things.

National Budget

This is exactly what was happening to our National budget... and the people who had been chopping all these while... after filling their stomachs, always let a little trickle down to the masses. That little that trickles down, is what is not coming any more.

Thursday, 8 December 2016


I must have addressed this before... but I guess, it needs re-addressing. Generosity is not a must. It's advised. But it's not a must. That said, when you have worked hard to achieve some comfort for yourself, it's expected for you, to spread the love.

All hands on deck

All hands on deck... let me take a little time to explain the meaning of this common phrase. Long before engine powered sea going vessels came into being, sails held sway, and it is believed that when at sea and you were faced with hostile waves and tempests, it wasn't a time to be cook, doctor, Carpenter, tailor, engineer... every hand was needed on deck to control the sails... that's why you are a sailor.


Padding is when you add something to an original object to enhance and make it look better. It is usually with an intent to make unsuspecting persons believe it's more than it actually is.

Return on Investment

Some peipleblike to be spoon fed. So here we go...If you already think that this RETURN ON INVESTMENT MEANS financial benefits, you need to stop right there and grow up first.

Don't stay down

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to stay down. No matter how many times you get knocked down, you can only succeed if you get up and move on. Picking yourself up is a factor of how much you want to succeed.


Most times in life, the expected may not be what you get. All watermelons are supposed to be red and juicy inside. Every human being has a heart. The composition of that heart is what you can never tell. You may see a guy, 6 foot plus, has cash, loads of it, great dress sense, articulate and seasoned with a been-to accent, awesome dental arrangements,...

Once in a lifetime...

And when that happens don't do things that will make them change from being that change agent that turned things around. Because by the time you realise their value, you would have lost them. Most times, you unknowingly change them from being the person of value to you. You may think you are showing love by being jealous, looking for trouble just so the person continues to justify that they want to be in your life. Don't forget that every body's patience has its limits. Once they get there and decide it's over, what it will cost you to get them back would be way more tasking than I'd you just appreciated the value they added to your life. Some people are rare to find and when you find them, the efforts you make to keep them shows how well you appreciate their presence in your life. Be guided

Understanding Poverty

The understanding of poverty is a very essential key in unlocking the core questions that have thrown people into states of confusion, misunderstanding and war. Why would people push back into the waters a whale that is washed ashore in one part of the world while the whale gets butchered in other climes? Why would any refuse to embezzle the money meant for constructing a community health center that will provide essential health services to a people while another will even build more from his personal affluence? What perpetuates poverty?... it's a study like none has done before. I thank the team at Harvard.


Most times in life, if not every time, when you are going through upgrading that is not the best time to rate anyone. When iron is in the fire, it takes all the beating till it's shaped onto the tool it is designed to be.


Many people see things in different ways. The Bible says to each according to his ability. Even David would leave a flock to rescue one sheep. We react diffently to situations in life. Road rage is one of such example.

The Business of Media

Many media outfits in Nigeria have continuously failed to see their platforms as a way of activating the huge potentials in the entertainment sector. They think of making money first before thinking of creating content.

Before you make a commitment

Many people have been led astray by this kind of thinking. Not because they deliberately went astray. But because they allowed themselves to be convinced that once a promise is extracted, the person who gave the promise is BOUND TO FULFILL THAT PROMISE.

Don't Lose a good man...

First off, pardon the vulgar word. The exegesis of the message will allow me overlook that. The importance of important thing in a relationship can not be overemphasised. That said, I will like to put it out there, right now, that importance of anything in a relationship may differ from one person to the other.

NJC and the Judges...

I had the last laugh! We are a bunch of people who are easily swayed by sentiments. That is one of the reasons that we are where we are in a society where the courts have failed us. How can you have people who are bigger than the law?

The place of Prayers

You don't need to pray over an empty fuel tank. Drive into a fuel station and get some. If you have a flat tyre, get a vulcanizer. If you have not had a bath, get up get some water and go have a bath.

English Language

When I hear people say English Language is not our mother tongue, I always wonder at what kind of thought process they went through to arrive at that conclusion. The question paper that the primary 6 pupil in Damaturu, that can not spell C-A-N, will get, is the same question paper, a pupil in Lagos, that can spell S-Y-M-E-T-E-R-Y, will get.

Think Twice

This story I am about to share, you would have heard, told several times, in different ways. But mine is not a story. A friend of ours, a lawyer, in Abuja, was at a 5 day retreat and decided to dash back home to get something that couldn't wait.

Emotional Blackmail

AVOID PEOPLE WHO ARE EMOTIONALLY IMMATURE. You will be suffering from their immaturity and not know it. Sometime ago, a guy sent me a message, "Ali you have forgotten your friends. No calls. Na only television I dey see you. God dey sha".

They may be keeping you alive.

My friend made me understand this on a different level. She was in need of a driver, and she met a guy who complained that his driver was always coming late to work and that he had to let him go. The driver had to resume in Lekki every morning.

Children Education

Let me Show you how failure to give our kids the basic education can better be understood. So 4 kids are let into a classic living room. There is a grand piano, almost in the middle of the room.

The Mandela Statue

Every time I see this picture, it amazes me how we have robbed ourselves of the mileage art pieces that should help define us have been kept away from us by default. Do you know how many people look forward to going to take pictures with this towering statue? Millions. It has become one tourist attraction.


I don't know if you have been engaged as an MC to carry on the Reception of a wedding that had to be preceded by a traditional marriage. Those alagas... they can come and be eating 2 hours into your time. And they will now make it look like you are trying to deny the families of a good time. When all they do is obtaining!!! This picture here, where I was just watching, was that moment when I just gba-ed for God. And let him take control. How can you have from 10am till 12noon, and you now overrun by 2 hours? And we will still be telling someone to "Nisuruuuuuuu, Ali!!! Kiloun rush was fun?" Oti. Moni rush yin. Shebi lama wa kusi?

Men are 2faced

The first day I saw the first installment of this movies, I told my wife, that is how Everyman is. All men. We have a #2face life. The strength of the man can be judged by how well he can maintain the good side, without letting the tiger in him kick in.

Sell the Problem you solve.

Most advertising try to sell you the solution... not the product. A drink quenches thirst. Some items make you belong, if to belong is your problem. Others will tell you the kind of peace you will enjoy when you buy their insurance.


Remember when I wrote that "Even Jesus can not save us as things are" and religious bigots and over born again people went Gaga on me? So at the weekend, I ran into one of such oversabi at a party and she proceeded to give me a piece of her tongue.

Aisha Buhari

Aisha's Buhari... does not belong to the kitchen. Like every other successful career woman in Nigeria, she belongs to the areas where she and her likes can help to build a great nation.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Justice for Shakara

The committee is sitting now at the National Assembly in the case of Shakara, an Mc and comedian who, was assaulted, beaten and arrested from his house in Warri in the presence of his wife, his co tenants, his father and his friends, for an alleged crime, and brought all the way to Lagos by Road like a common thief, in his boxers.


Rape cases are becoming rampant. Our daughters are being taken advantage of. That said, some innocent Men have paid prices they never bargained for. Not every lady that says she was raped was raped...

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Still on the Judges...

Back in the days, when teachers ask questions, that very few knew answers to, the bullies in the class who were not very smart, would threaten any smart person on their row, who knew the answers if they dared raised their hands. Or better still they would insist the smart person first told them the answers before they attempted to raise their hands.

Monday, 10 October 2016

You can pray until you faint...

I remember saying this, but the religious bigots said I was blaspheming. David did not only pray about Goliath, he used his catapult. Ruth did not sit at home to mourn as a widow, she went out. The people who wanted their brother healed, came through the roof. The woman with the issue of blood, grabbed His garment. Moses' mother put Moses in a basket and still put someone to watch over him. Zaccheaus climbed a tree. If you want babies you must do... immaculate conception no be beans. If you don't read, the questions gemegi vroooooom n'ayan. Usain Bolt doesn't pray to win 100mtres or all his other races... he runs them. Faith without works... #kolewerk!

Our Judiciary!!!

What is not good is very very bad... the mess in the judicial system is the reason people who should be in jail are allowed to run for elections, become governors, senators and even determine the fate of our country.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The buck stops with the head

Sometimes we should be careful how much of the phrase "the buck stops with the head" we let form the basis of apportioning blames. I'm saying this to draw your attention to a part of things we see and jump to conclusions with.

Ketu Market

Until we learn not to waste in Nigeria, we would still just be talking of our potentials as a giant of Africa. In a country that has a demand for fruit drinks and juices, that can hardly be met, it still amazes me that we continue to waste so much... #ketuMarket

Happy Independence

Not even a glass of glo... They are happy drinking from Mtn and Airtel... not very nationalistic... anyway #HappyIndependence ... But Buhari's glass says, I belong to nobody, I belong to ebryone

Exchange Rate

Some people need to understand that the dynamics of the exchange rate is not necessarily a factor of now now policy pronouncements. At least not in the case of Nigeria. Our economy has gone beyond that of quick fix policies.


Went to support @Micheleathers1 and her interns. It was a pleasure to see that I still had the skills of shoemaking... something I learnt how to, in 1984!

Problems of Film making in Nigeria

33yrs ago, @kunleafo's dad complained about the same issues that we are talking about now. Just as he argued that the film industry needed Government's attention to maximize the huge potentials that existed in Nigeria, in that sector, other people shouted how the Rubber, palm and groundnut businesses were being neglected because of cheap oil money.

Paul Pogba

Every move, completed or Uncompleted pass this man makes, I am reminded of the hardworking role of a midfielder and play maker. His measured passes, dribbling skills, ball control, positioning and stamina are pure gold... I can understand the beef people have for him for not banging in goals. But he is a reliable work horse and engine room of the ManUnited team. Reminds me of #MikelObi... just a little more.


#Spontaneity!... is the HOLY GRAIL of stand up comedy. The audience were made to write any topic of their choice. And all the comedian does is pick one topic and just be funny. If you think this is easy, you have not been to one of the editions. It takes all tissues, nerves and veins of humour in you to keep going. Maybe next time before the comedians perform, we will pass a purple bowl... and I can just show the audience and contestants how it's done. By the way, who attended the last one? #alibabasSpontaneity #LiveComedy


The education of our minds as a people is a very important tangent in The Whole efforts to have a better country. Met someone today who reminded me of how he and some people had to rescue me from the hands of some angry youths in Warri in 2008...

Land for sale

I knew it will come to this. You will have land, sell you won't sell. Lease you won't lease. Build on it you say no! You are busy speculating. Waiting for when the land you bought for 300k will become 30billion. While making the municipality look like BENIN-Ore expressway. God is watching you. Now Lagos State government is taking over lands that have not been developed, you are shouting. As if you don't know that when a land has been left undeveloped for too long the CofO can be revoked. Anyway, if you know you have a minimum of 4000sqmtrs land you are not using again, let me know. Let me help you develop it till you are ready to sell.

Lagos disappearing Island

Sometimes, the vision of people who work with the chief visioneer in an organized setting, be it public service or private sector, may be the only stumbling block to the reason growth and development is poor or truncated.

The Circus

What does a cheetah need to prove in a race...? Not much

Number 1

The best way to remain the number one in any field is not to be in the rankings... Help create the rankings and make several number one contenders... What it then makes you is someone who creates enabling environment. You become a yardstick. Nearly a phenomenon or more. When was the last time MICHAEL Jordan was in a basketball tournament? Or Mohammed Ali? Or Michael Jackson? However, every once in a while, be ready to remind people why you are outside the box and make sure your justification is resounding. Some people may not hold political offices, but they can define the dynamics of politics. They can predict what will happen if you fail to heed the handwritings on the wall. Because they know where the bodies are buried. In fact, many use their templates to play their jokers... #kingmaker #Enabler #Yardstick

A reason to help!!!

I see what is being inferred here, but I beg to disagree. You can not help someone who doesn't need help. The #Nike #JustDoIt does not apply here. Let me borrow wisdom from MKO Abiola. When people have loads they need to put on their heads, they have to be seen attempting to put that thing on their head to get a passerby to help.