One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Tuesday, 4 October 2016


#Spontaneity!... is the HOLY GRAIL of stand up comedy. The audience were made to write any topic of their choice. And all the comedian does is pick one topic and just be funny. If you think this is easy, you have not been to one of the editions. It takes all tissues, nerves and veins of humour in you to keep going. Maybe next time before the comedians perform, we will pass a purple bowl... and I can just show the audience and contestants how it's done. By the way, who attended the last one? #alibabasSpontaneity #LiveComedy

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  1. Good afternoon sir.
    I read your blog regularly and I can tell you that I have read all your posts and they are all insightful and cool.
    Well, I wasn't at the last edition because I applied the way you said we should and we might gain an invite but I wasn't so lucky.
    I am a big fan and you are a role model to me sir. You and Olu Salako (SLK),The latter use to get people by surprise though but I 'gbadun' that guy.