One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Tuesday, 4 October 2016


By now, its expected that all the loopholes that were filtering away our commonwealth through the different accounts domiciled in various banks, across the country should have been properly investigated and blocked, after the introduction of the TSA. The investigation of the accounts and the money trails can not take forever. Agreed that blocking all the leaks in government revenues is the right thing to do, 40-60% of the activations of business financing by Banks across board, depended on those funds. That said, I understand that the funds were non interest yielding... If memory serves me well, these banks will not say that it's non interest yielding funds when they loan it to you to do business oooo! Anyways, let's begin to gradually re-inject those funds back into the economy. Because l, it would be hard to believe that the loopholes have not been blocked. It would be a shame if EFCC (in collaboration with CBN) has not checked out all the accounts.

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