One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Event Sponsorship

The dynamics of event sponsorship is simple. Say an event will cost 200k to put together... After counting the number of guests that will attend to cover the cost, you subtract the free tickets. The rest tickets are what you base the gate takings on. The organizers then charge N50, N100 and N1000... So that they can make 200k and maybe another 100k as profit. A sponsor comes along and Picks up some or all of the cost. If the sponsors pick up all the cost of putting it together, the gate fee becomes invitational or very low. However when the involvement of sponsors is just a fraction of the cost, the gate fees reflect just that. The organizers will net off the sponsorship and calculate the rest of the event in a way that the gate fee can net off the rest. That said, to sponsor an event, the sponsors are looking for mileage and relevance. They want to see how they will benefit from being a part of the event. They usually have a budget ceiling. But if the event has more mileage than they envisaged, they could break the ceiling. The objectives of the show doesn't, in the real sense of the word, move sponsors. They are moved by what being a part of it would do for their brand, the networking and new markets they can activate, the brand presence it will give them, the kind of guests who would attend and how that dynamics affect their consumer demographics. They also want to know for how long they will continue to get that mileage before, during and after the show. They also want to know if the event has enough weight and muscle for their brand to lean on. Other event options will also be a consideration. They will want to know if it's better to sponsor your or go with another. The timing of the show also matters. Is it a period all interests are activated for that kind of event? Like, is it Valentine's Day, Easter, Salah, independence, International days (children's day, women's day, breast cancer, black sunday, Christmas, Ileya,... There is also the man know man factor. Which is different from the egunje phenomenon. In the first, someone just wants to assist. In the last one, someone is helping you to get the sponsorship just to enable them get a piece of the pie

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  1. Thank you so much for this piece uncle Ali, I have really learnt a lot from here but how do you manage the man know man factor in the sense that it doesn't affect your budget and the quality of your event?

    Secondly, if I am lucky and a sponsor picks up all the cost, and probably requested that gate fee should be dropped, how do I make money for all my efforts?