One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Be Careful who you confide in

In the last two days, I have listened to audio recordings of a woman who had taken venting to a different level. It made me reflect deeply on somethings that we take for granted. Trust. Friendship. Honesty. Self respect. Moral values. Relationships. The dynamics of sex and the consequences of loose talk. Many times, we say things because we are angry. Someone or something must have pushed you to the wall, to make you abandon decorum and throw caution to the wind. Rightly so. But after the tempest, and you calm down, sit Down and look at the damage your out burst has caused, and you realize how much of wisdom you could and should have applied. I have had my many such cases. When guys quarrel, there is so much they know, but they usually check themselves with "Akin, I'm warning you, don't provoke me". That threat is always loaded. I had gone to see a top politician in Hotel in Abuja. And out came the wife of a guy I knew very well. She was shocked to see me, but we managed to keep our surprises in check. Years later, at an event, her husband did and said some nasty things to me iro my wife and I. I walked away. His wife was with him at the time. She was later to send me a text... "Thanks for your maturity, I appreciate". Nearly everyone has some skeleton in their cupboards. The gravity is just what determines how much you will trend when it becomes public knowledge. Sadly, as celebrities, being in the eye of the storm or goldfish in a glass bowl, doesn't make our stories, no matter how inconsequential, ordinary or ignorable. So when you are sharing personal issues that you really shouldn't, trust me, if the relationship goes south, those issues, in the hands of fair weather friends, will hunt you. A lady told each curious friend a different name as her baby Daddy. That way, whenever she heard the gist, she knew who it came from. Today she is closest to the person she told one name and she never heard it repeated. People are different after you part ways. Watch how much you let other people know. It's not a crime to careful. Some people are not human when they are angry. Avoid them toxic people. Judas regretted his act. But it was done. Choose friends wisely

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