One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Thursday, 22 September 2016

National theatre

You know what, I probably expected too much from our leaders. People that couldn't maintain cash cows like refineries, are expected to see value propositions in the national theater? Bet every time they flew over head it in their helicopters or drove by, all they saw was land wasting away! They did not see a hub of entertainment. They did not see that the place could have its own a community FM station, to broadcast social, cultural and historical matters to the environs. They didn't see cinema halls that already existed, that Silverbird, Genesis, Film One & others are trying to build. They failed to see the capacity hall that can match EKO hotel's Convetion center, or banquet halls. Bet they also lost sight of the office spaces in the iconic building that would have brought revenue through rents. Not to mention events and shows that can dwarf the impact of FESTAC 77. 

Did they see a National Arts festivals that could hold there every year, to create platforms of growth and recognition for that sector? Or dance festivals that could birth AND SILENCE the acclaimed Fela on Broadway and Lion King? How many times would Saro have run there, by now? Bet they didn't also see the potentials that the lakes had. They can not see how Hyde Park could have been replicated if they planted trees around the place. 

How about a boat club, that would have reduced the number of people queuing at the boat club for membership slots? When you see aerial shots of the top of structures like the national theater overseas, they are branded. That branding alone would have offset many bills that the National Theater is depending on the Federal government to pay. And who says the national theater can not host our own walk of fame, to honor, Ogunde, Jimi Solanke, Baba Sala, Chinua Achebe,...? Bet they knew that security of the place was an issue. So did they think of fencing the place to increase security which will in turn be a reason for people to go there? Shouldn't awesome art pieces of historical figures of Jaja of Opobo, Queen AMINA, Idia of BENIN, Ajayi Crowther, uthman Danfodio, Dr. Adadavo, Wole Soyinka... be dotting strategic places. Wetin I know? Shebi I be comedian? Mscheeew

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