One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Thursday, 22 September 2016

January 1st Concert

The planning for another New Year Celebrations #alibabasjanuary1stconcert is in full effect. Opening acts, select acts, special acts, popular demand and the Closing Act!...are all being discussed now. So tell me. Who do you want to party with on #january1st at the #january1stconcert at EKO Hotel? What artistes are you keen on seeing on stage. This edition will feature fewer artistes, but trust me, you will get your money's worth. Who deserves the N1m for graduating with a 1st Class in 2016? Who should get a #Zakilo for being the first person to do anything that no one else had done in Nigeria before they did it? Who are the female singers with the most blessed voices in Nigeria? That can make MARIA Carey and Whitney Houston say "that's Ma gurl"?!!! Who goes home with the brand new #Spontaneity car amongst all the comedians contesting on #January1st at the EKO Hotel.

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