One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Sofia Vergara

How many state governments earn that in 12 months? This is one person oooo! And I am not talking of the money they collect from Federal Allocation. I mean internally generated revenue, IGR! How many? Yet they are looking for how to drill for oil in the north. The amounts you have invested in the futile searches for oil in the north, and elsewhere, if you invested half of that in the entertainment industry would you not have employed the promised 20 or more million jobs that were promised? I don't see any Nigerian Bank, corporate organization or Oil Company that has made it into the GUINNESS BOOK of Records? @aycomedian is in it... @kaffydance too. What does that tell you? The problem with many people who should be making policies that will turn around the entertainment industry is that they are myopic and can not see beyond "these entertainers". They are blind to the allied sectors that help drive the entertainment industry. Right now, one can see how entertainers are used by the Telecommunications sector to actualize their goals. How about the Fashion industry, no one survives the fashion industry like the entertainers. Not those billionaires. Thanks to Instagram and its cousins, once you have won an outfit and its on social media space, you start saving to buy another one. Repetition of those same outfits is suicidal to a career. What about lawyers? Accountants? Architects? Engineers? Caterers? Insurance companies? Banks? Photographers and Journalists? PR and Advertising companies? Furniture companies and interior decor companies? Jewelers? Cement companies? Or you don't think the artiste will be more liquid to build outstanding homes?... All of these can be driven through the National Theater! Just bring out policies that will drive, protect, enhance and empower the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. Simple arithmetics. @aycomedian shoots a movie with about N70m makes well over 250m! Can you imagine the ROI in a reduced piracy environment? Do you know how many people the entertainment industry can mop up from the slippery unemployment floor? TV? Radio? Who are the advisers to these our politicians SEF? What are they advising nitori Olorun? Iru Awon olodo lakojo bayi?

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