One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Life is Simple!!!

Life is simple... Relate with everybody. Cut ogf toxic people. Celebrate success anywhere by anyone. Be happy. Learn the things that make people successful. Don't make people's goals yours, create yours. Don't be jealous of people's achievements, let it inspire you. Take pictures when you meet people you admire. Block haters from your circle. If you can't block them, don't let them get to you. Be good to people. Don't be gullible. Think for yourself. Let everything you spend money on add value to your existence. What #Zuckerberg trying on #VanDiesel's glasses teaches us is that the rich would like some of the things you enjoy too, IF ONLY THEY FIND TIME TO GET IT. Now it's not famzing o! Met a big man once who said he misses going to GHANA high to eat. I said, "But you can send someone to get it." It's not the same he replied. We are all set up differently. My taste in life is different from yours. Some people are generous some are not. Some people like to support others to grow. Others don't care. Some fans will buy your CDs/DVDs while some will download them for free. The owner of Facebook doesn't have 100m followers, because it's not an expectation for his relevance. You are not Pogba and you are not Zidane. They can not have the same goals. Even if they are in the same sports. One is in a different lane and different clime. Some churches have air conditioning, others are doing well with ceiling fans, or none. They are all seeking the face of God. Cele o! Deeper Life o! Redeemed o! Synagogue o! Everyone with hin own load. Don't use other people's yardstick to measure your life. Or say, is Ali Baba not a celebrity, is he not following people? Why are other celebrities not like him. It's a choice. I can deal with it. Maybe they can not. We are all different. THAT SAID, THERE ARE EXPECTED STANDARDS FROM YOU AS A HUMAN. Those are none negotiable.

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