One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Thursday, 22 September 2016


That was DUBAI in 1999 and in 2008... No need to spoil your evening with the picture of 2016... And all they had was oil. They did not even have a culture like us. They did not have land. They reclaimed from the sea. They did not have limestones, bitumen, granite, steel, rubber and so on. They did not even have people. They invited people to come build it. We had more than oil. They had only oil and the desert. They are not Christians. They don't have TOTAL EXPERIENCE, HOLY GHOST SERVICE, SHALOM, EXPERIENCE 4.0.... Naddddaaaa! We dey here dey fool ourselves. Even the people saying I should not have said Jesus can't save Nigeria now, go see their pages. They post nudity and use profanity some worship in churches where the pastor drives a bullet proof RANGE ROVER, yet you have members of the congregation that can not afford jamb forms or pay school fees! Na curse I go dey curse all of una like Jesus curse the fig tree. Awon alayi ni nkon Shey be calling Jesus' name in vain! Taaaaaaaaarh!!

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