One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Don't lose your flame!

The first time i came across this wise words, I went back to read the part of the Bible that said love your neighbour AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF. It rang home with me. Many years ago, in 1986 I learnt how to swim in the legendary Abraka River. I was not very good yet when I noticed that one guy was drowning and the tide was carrying him away. I was the one who noticed him and wanted to go save him. The guy who was teaching me how to beat the strong currents saved me that day. He pulled me back and went to save the drowning undergraduate. Even after the drama of the rescue had died down, I was still in shock. I was shivering. Just by the plain thought of how that guy would have died if it were just he and I swimming at that time. And bang!!!!! It hit me. The guy and I would have died. Because I was not empowered by skills and experience to save him. Thought about it for days. That is exactly what has shaped my selflessness ever since. I will help you to the best of my ability. I will go out of my way to please you. But when it comes to inconveniencing myself to the point where it would hurt me badly... I pause. One day, I will never forget, is the day Sosoliso plane crashed, I was going to Abuja and after sorting my return tickets had just 50k on me. Then this big man whose flight was cancelled, asked me to assist with cash to buy another ticket for him and his babe on chanchangi. He will give me back in Abuja. We got to Abuja at 6pm and I could not check into my hotel till 10pm. He refused to take my calls. My wife had to send a Platinum Bank staff to bail me out. I finished the event the next day and came back to Lagos. I asked him one day in 2009 why he did that and he said "because of ordinary 50k? You pass that one". Never asked him again. Nothing wrong with being kind or assisting anyone. Just love your neighbor AS YOURSELF. NOT MORE. Self love is not a crime. It's the truth. Don't kill yourself to keep anyone else alive. Do the best that you can. Bending backwards is not a must. If you go broke... that's all about your generosity. It's over. Preserve and protect you. First. Then others.

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