One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Saturday, 25 February 2017


I know, some think the world rotates around their... Non eating end. Many have gradually evolved to discounting the sacrifices you make and pigeonhole it like they deserve it. Trust me, what ever I finally decide to do for you, is something I could have done for someone else. Told you of a guy who made me drive to somewhere in the Southwest to support his show. Show finished at 7pm and because he didn't provide good accommodation I headed back to Lagos that same night. Got into Lagos at about 10pm. The guy did not get in touch to know of it got to Lagos safely. Then a year later he was involved in an accident, I saw it on face book and commented that God be praised for the miracle and he had the temerity to develop an attitude when i saw him in London. He said he will not greet me because I didn't call him when he had the accident. Oh Wow! When people make sacrifices for you, don't for a second think that they did not have a choice of not helping you. Appreciate. I told one comedian the other day, that it's not like I like to throw 3 to 4m away every quarter when I organise #AlibabasSpontaneity and then crown it with a brand new car at every #january1stconcert. I know what I can do with such monies. People get their value criterion wrong most times. Mr A makes N2m monthly and spend it on making himself look good and saves the rest. So the day he shows up at a party, he can spray to the admiration of all. Mr B on the other hand makes same N2m monthly. Sorts people's rents, fees, keeps promise to assist, lends (even when he knows they won't pay back) engages in charity activities and hardly has enough left to save. Nigerians consider Mr A as the main man. That is the guy that is happening. Check his shoes out. See his watch. Forget the alloy of his G-wagon... But because he doesn't spread himself thin like Mr B, his show off game is always on point. What people fail to see is how much sacrifice Mr B bears. Some weeks back, while setting up #XQZMOIRadio a guy called me for assistance. Explained bad timing because of the cost implication of this radio thingy. He said "na small thing wey you go give me lead to this story so?" I weak like overripe dodo.

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