One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Do not be unevenly yoked

The bible said Do not be unevenly yoked. Hold that thought as I mention a few things that you may not agree with. Many believe "once you can think it you can do it". Hey, think from now till tomorrow Dez no way somethings will happen. If you weigh over 100kg, there is no way you will beat Usain Bolt in a race. Anyway, let me go to my point. I have heard, severally, when it's said that opposites attract. True. But they must be compatible. In the video here you see a guy who attempts to carry a lady. You see, your capacity must be weighed in, when trying to hook up with someone you like. Some ladies have peculiar issues they are dealing with and BECAUSE OF THOSE ISSUES, such ladies have the kind of guy they are looking forward to dating. These issues range from the skin of a guy to his intelligence and everything in between. Recently, because of certain posts on Instagram, many have been drawn to me to counsel them in relationships matters. Let me give you one example. Guy loves this girl to bits. Girl doesn't because she believes he can not bear her responsibilities. She wants a guy that can take the financial burden she bears off her. And for a fact, she wasn't going to add a broke dude to the load of taking care of 2 younger siblings, aged Mum, a mortgage repayment, single mum status and dreams that need finances to activate. She said it's not that he is not a guy any Lady would say NO to, but that she is not any Lady. She is a lady with needs. Major needs. And if the guy CAN NOT CARRY HER LOAD, she will end up crushing him with the weight. That is why I posted this video. Don't bite more than you can chew is applicable here. Just as hang your coat where your hand fit reach. She is high maintenance but you MUST date her. So that what? So you can bring her standards down? She has 3 cars. You don't. But you Must date her. So she now needs to jump cabs? One guy actually told me, he can't manage anymore because he is struggling to make 100k monthly and the babe he likes just got promoted to earning 750k monthly in a bank. As I tried to tell him that he should now step up his game and earn more, he looked at me and asked "By doing what?"

You also could meet a lady who is not your load to carry. Because it's not about her, it's about you. She is 35. Everyone is breathing down her neck to go get married. Her younger sisters are married and have children. So she puts that on the table straight from the onset. You are not ready for marriage. Not ready for kids. Not ready to settle down. School fees and all other costs that come with starting a family. Just Johnnie Walker. Don't pass Go sef. Because, that excuse will not work after you say I do. This issue is what is tearing a couple apart now. The guy is 34 and the lady is 37. She wants to marry and start having kids. She even said let's do registry and traditional. Her guy says in 2yrs. Why him no go talk in 2 years? He would 36. She will be 39. And the biological clock will begin to tick very loud. He thinks she is desperate. She thinks he is afraid to commit. They both are suspecting each other. So back to the video. The load you choose to carry should be one you have capacity to carry. Then there is one interesting case. The guy is a widower with 2 kids of 4 and 6. And after 2 years this lady comes along and she says she wants to marry, however, she adds "But I don't know if I can deal with the children that are not mine... what if I don't take in and have mine immediately?" Make sure you have capacity for what you want to carry. Otherwise... this video is your total recall

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