One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Happy New year Message

  • When the happy new year messages started flying around from on the 1st of January, a thought crossed my mind. There would be some people, who will decide that they will not send someone they know, a happy new year message, just to see if they will receive one from that person. Doesn't that sound one kind? If you are friends, if the person did not send it, what stops you from sending one. What if the person too had said, if you don't send... she too no send. How do you start a year on that note... by keeping "milings" (that is Waffi for plenty miles between two people, especially when there are unresolved issues). Anyway, back to the matter. Relationships are a 2 way street. If she doesn't get in touch get in touch. HOWEVER, if it becomes a case of, she, the goddess of love, expecting to be reached out to first, before she will even reply, that's a one way street. And if he is the type that never sends a hello every now and then, bye. So this morning I woke to see a reply to a happy new year message I sent someone. "Na today the year start?... same to you". Some people think they are the best thing after sliced bread. If only they know I am on a no carbs diet. See, relationships are mutual. And not just that, the response I get from you when I reach out might just make it more frequent. If "Hey bro long time. Trust you are good. Been a while. I say make I touch base. Family nko?"... is met with "Thanks. We are good." And I go "Beautiful. We thank God" and you go mute... you go dey that mute mode taaaaaaaaaaay! One doesn't need to brag about messages but like many celebrities I know, the inbox or DM is a riot. Some get over 200 messages that's minus junk. So please, if you are a one way friend... e go hard you this year. No time##@

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