One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Dubai Camel Ride

And just after a distance of about 70feet... at 40 dirhams per person, these camels 🐫 would have contributed their own bit to the GDP of Dubai. What does it take to feed a camel? Instead of spending all that money to fight desertification, why not create tourism value out of the hand that nature deals us? Palmnuts, we could not process to become world player in that sector. Rubber nko? We could not maximize the glaring values it had. Swimming? Michael Phelps has gold medals that are more than Nigeria can ever win in 30 years, but there are no Olympic stadiums in the Niger Delta, to tap into the swimming DNA that the riverine people are born with. Ports? Akwa IBOM has a natural depth that requires very little port investment to accommodate even bigger ships that Lagos Ports can not handle. But No! Only Lagos Port must be functional. Groundnuts! Did the land that yielded the pyramids disappear? Of course not. Oil showed up. Did cocoa stop growing? No. Why pursue Cocoa when there was oil money? What does it take to create an Olympic gold medalist in #Longjump? A board and sand. That's all. How many sports activities can be activated that will trigger new goals for talented citizens across the country? But no. The only thing that inspires all the youths across the country is how to blow without doing much. So it's either politics or Yahoo! Yahoo!! Or entertainment or sports... oh or take to kidnapping and armed robbery. Under our noses toothpicks were imported to a country that has forestry reserves that makes other countries jealous. Now it's Garri. @iambangalee did it but no, we like foreign. So much sugarcane, but we import sugar. So many beautiful girls but we import foreign ones. So much creative content but we buy foreign tv 📺 content. What are the things that keep us down? Why do we let them keep us down? What should we do to change that reality? Why are we letting oil dictate our future When oil itself has no future? What kind of people are shaping our future?

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