One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Sunday, 26 February 2017

When you see those historian friends... AVOID THEM LIKE A PLAGUE.

The people who will help you into the future you crave will not consider your past. UNLESS YOUR PAST IS ALL THAT MATTERS. The person who wants to show you the way may ASK to know where you are coming from, so that he can understand how much of the past is driving your desire for the future. Sometimes it's to know what experience has prepared you for the future you crave. If you say you want to take a PHD course, I would want to know what your first and second degrees were. To know your background and how that inform the PHD you want to study. HOWEVER... if the person is more interested in your past than in your future.. FLEE. There are some friends who prefer to say "her father was my Dad's Driver in the 90s" and forget to add she is the branch manager for Heritage Bank, on Allen. They will say, is that not Kemi's Ex-husband, they will not say he married a better wife. Even you, wetin sef, what are you doing with people who only can relate with you when the discussion is about "when we were in secondary school"? Don't you know the day they are somewhere and someone is talking supply of building materials worth N500m, you will not cross their minds. But if someone says there is this dance we used to dance in the 80s... "Arghhhhhh! That's Ebuka's best Dance. Saw him last week he still got the moves". No mention of how you graduated with first class in Computer Engineering. They are everywhere. I remember one time when GEJ told me to breakdown the dynamics of defections by state governors to some party Chieftains. One said I thought he was a Comedian. The future is your life. Your past is history that only needs to be referenced when it is needed to inform some decisions. Not for landmarking your future. SO WHEN YOU SEE THOSE HISTORIAN FRIENDS... AVOID THEM LIKE A PLAGUE.

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