One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Stealing Ideas

Stealing people's ideas has now become a profession and a form of speculative investment for lazy bones. It's worse than piracy or even yahoo yahoo. They wait for your ideas to mature and jump on it. After the 2004 national honours... where President Obasanjo changed Ali Baba to Ali Baba gcfr, I started using the name online. Some smart guy decided it was his road to success. So when I tried to register it was not available. Not long after, I started receiving messages from the guy offering the site for sale. I no answer am. So from that 2004 till last year, he has been renewing the subscription. Then @drshogo saw it as available and called my attention to it. Now is registered to me. You can then imagine this morning I get a message from one Abiodun... saying he was the first person to register the name since 2004. And it's only because he failed to renew it so he deserves some reward for keeping it for me. I still no send am. Apparently speculative registration is also common with television programmes. A guy even went as far as to registering "Naija Idols" as his original idea when you know there is American Idol. By the way, stealing people's original ideas didn't start today. Remember when Jacob claimed to be Esau. See all he went through to reap from where he did not sow? This is why I advise all creative minds always document or register your ideas. Many have the MEANS But lack ideas. Many have the IDEAS but no means. Protect your ideas. The thieves are about

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  1. Unfortunately idea, without more, is not copyrightable. It is the expression of idea that is protected by law. This is why creative people must always ensure that they are proactive with ideas. Everyone has an idea for a great story. But the law will only protect the person who reduces his story idea into a tangibe format.