One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Sunday, 12 February 2017


If we do not take things serious in this country... things will be so serious we would be worse for it. So many years ago, a group of importers of orange juice woke up to a rumour that Obasanjo's government was going to ban imported juice. The importers and their cronies started running up an down. Sponsoring all kinds of attacks on the government. Some even said the government was banning the imported juice because Obasanjo farms was planning to start production of juice. The government gave them a waver. Since you can't produce here, bring the concentrates and package it here. That way you will create jobs. OBJ went ahead to give the importers 1 year to sort themselves out. Failure to do that the imported brands will be banned from our shelves. They called his bluff. They started importing hundreds of containers of juice. But when the D-day came, the ban came into effects. Initially prices of juice went up. Let me add here that when I became brand ambassador for Hollandia, I got to know why CHIVITA made only orange juice. THE COMPETITION WAS TOO STRONG. Their juice landed in the market at N140 while the foreign ones were cheaper by between 20-40 Naira.. how them wan survive? Chivita had staff that couldn't be sent on training. Where the money? Then the ban came to their rescue. 5alive too made Yanga... but I am sure they saw the damage to their revenue. They came back. What was interesting to hear then was that if Just juice came here to package their juice, it will affect those who are employed back home! Really?! These days it's hard to see foreign juice on our shelves. So tey chivita can now produce all kinds of Flavour. Let us develop our own here, so we can create jobs. Like the influx of foreign television drama. They kill our local content and talents

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