One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Thursday, 18 August 2016


So last night, my younger brother, MUOBO, called me from home and as we started gisting, he switched into serious #Waffi. I knew he was going to hit me with something. "Ehen, Bros, you remember that kpomushele wey you do their "wite" wedding last yeah for Shell?" Yes. I remember Na. The Ejenavwo. "Ehen Na sheooo... She dey carry dey do anyha. The husband tell an so tey she no hear. He unplug her last week Na. The marriage subscription don Miaaa! She be free to air now." Them no fit settle am? I asked. "Settle faya! Na she take her too left legs pack commot for the guy bunk Na. For her mind the guy go come beg. The guy tint since March!" Why Daddy no enter the matter? "Which Daddy? Chief Akpobome wey I know? You forget say last year for the wedding, Na one korodo invite she send come for the whole family? Plus OVIE, plus Inorogun... And Na we be her FADA SIDE OOO." That one no reach to make Old man bone her Na. "Bros leave that thing. Marriage for home no be like Nollywood to be continued ooo. If you do anyha you go see anyha. E dey bible" Abeg fade! Where that one dey for bible? "Brossssss, shebi I tell you say lagos don dey weaken you ooo. Oya, Wetin Moses tell Pharaoh?" Him say, Let my people Go. "Noooo. That Na when him still dey peeless am. Na when hin say, him go kpai all their first sons them! That Na the do anyha see anyha verse! Go read am!" I hung up

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  1. Lols! I am in the office cracking up with laughter. I love Naija