One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Don’t Be Selfish

Don't be selfish! Don't be selfish!! This message can not be screamed enough. As ordinary as it may seem, that is the stark truth. I see this in entertainment always. 

People introduce you to Showbiz. Then you blow. Then you begin to fence others who want your kind of opportunities. Look at Messi. He could have scored the penalty to set his 300th goal. But he set up a hat trick for Soarez. That's what selfless is all about. 

In my career, I have turned down many events because of low fees, so younger colleagues could be booked. Many people only always think about themselves. 
You are all gathered to catch a glimpse of the Pope. And many who are along the path he would take, even fancy a hand shake, a smile, a touch or a hug. And while the Pope is trying to make sure everyone is touched, one person holds on to him and refuses to let go. And you can see that several outstretched hands are waiting to feel what you have felt. 
But instead, you are holding on. That is selfish on all levels. That is exactly what happened to our commonwealth. Monies that should be used for the generality of the people, is shared by selfish lot. While hands are outstretched on the streets, in the hospitals, in the villages, in the unemployment market... Don't be selfish! Don't be selfish!!... 
I think that should be made as a quote and printed on T-Shirts and given to all persons who are well to do and do not like to share. Everything is grab grab grab... Money is voted to protect people who are under attack, people who are displaced, killed, kidnapped, raped... And instead of the monies to be channeled to the purpose it was voted for, some people are busy sharing it, to actualize a Selfish purpose of winning an election. Meaning, the people the monies were meant for could die for now. After we win the election, we will look into it and save what's left of the helpless few. People would have died, communities destroyed, families torn apart... Meanwhile the beneficiaries of the $2.5b Dasuki largesse have all bought houses, cars, improved their lives, lived large and carried on in their selfishness. So, please, let the Pope scream that very loud. DONT BE SELFISH!! DONT BE SELFISH!!

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