One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Lessons from Usain Bolt

LESSONS!!! 1. What you know how to do can not be taken away from you if you don't stop KNOWING HOW TO DO IT. 2. The reason people stop being known for what they do is because they stopped knowing how to do it. 3. Knowing how... Includes how to do it better, what to do to be better, where it can be shown that you are better, when you should show that you are better, what to focus on... 4. When you are the best you will be miles ahead of the pack. 5. Your strides will be effortless even when people are bursting their veins to be better than their peers to be 2nd best. 6. Be steps ahead. Learn to have advantage even if all things are equal. 7. People can have the same tools as you, start the same time as you, but let your preparation, training and better use of ideas pull you ahead. 8. People who tell you to slow down are not as fast as you are. Let them catch up 9. Don't wait till the day you are needed to prove your worth, to be the best. Be the best before you are called upon to do so. 10. When you are the best, you bring out the best in others. Because they will be striving to catch up with you and outdo others. 11. When you are ahead of the pack, that is when you can steal a glance. Don't steal a glance when you are still in a tight competition, you may get intimidated or worse while you are stealing a glance your competition is looking ahead. Do it when you are clear of distraction. Delayed gratification. 12. No one will let you be the best. They will trump you if you slip and fall. They will not stop to ask for a rerun. They will claim the best position. 13. Go ask @lewishamilton, he believes if you see people tail lights you are not ahead of them. 14. You may be in the same team. Wear the same spikes. Be the same in many ways. But it's the you in you that will make the difference. The Racket doesn't win the match. Because your opponent can use the same racket yet you beat the opponent. Look at #usainbolt's face... Kind of like saying, "You think you can beat me by wearing the same running shoes? No maaaan. You Kiant dig it!!"

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