One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Creating Television Programmes

CREATING TELEVISION PROGRAMMES... After seeing me talk to students in the mass media department on creating content for television, I was invited to talk to a programmes department of a television station. So, just so, we are on the same page, I asked them what were the core issues to be considered before creating a content for television. After several attempts, it finally occurred to me why we have poor programming. Many people think the main reason for creating a PROGRAMME is to make money for the station. Anyway, I also realized why the owner thought his needed to be educated. Before creating content for viewers, you must consider, VIEWERS' AGE, EDUCATION, LANGUAGE, RELIGION, LIFESTYLES, GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION, CULTURE AND ECONOMIC STATUS... The other issues are TRANSMISSION TIME, COST OF PRODUCTION, PRESENTER, SET/LOCATION, CONTENT DEVELOPER, PRODUCER, sponsorship and of course the objectives of the show. The Demography of a people matters a lot in television content development. Buying programs from foreign lands does not make your television station a core part of development. It makes it a conduit for transmitting foreign culture and growing foreign talents. You are broadcasting foreign values and leaving your own stories untold. Enough said. Take a look at that map and see the different dynamics that can germinate programmes in Nigeria. And even that map is just a bite of the whole buffet of what local contain has that is untapped

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  1. Very well written. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. Programming isn't all about profit-taking - 'naira and kobo' as someone once said to me. It's really about educating and increasing the value of audiences which will invariably lead to economic gains for everyone. Looking forward to meeting you sir! Paschal,