One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


About a month ago, or more, some of you will recall that I posted here that people who earn a living in Lagos and reside in Lagos should pay their taxes. Many called me names. Some said I was paid to do it. Anyway, that is not why I am posting this. What I am about today is how the elites in this country and people who have voices will push the common man into trouble and when that trouble comes, the common man would be hung to dry. Let me explain. So I posted the #PayYourTaxthingy. And one of the people who commented asked who sent me. Then later commented and asked that what is the tax for? What have they done with taxes that had been paid before? And of course, many people jumped on that bandwagon and went gaga on me. Last week, I got a Whatsapp message from a lady who said she was reaching out to tell me to warn people to ignore those people discouraging potential tax payers. That one of those asking "who paying tax Hep?" Was her husband. They had gotten a quit notice that will take effect in January 2017. And they had always had this plot of land in The Badore part of LAGOS, where they had stopped development since 2015. She said as she is sending the chat, the husband is asking her, who sent her to do tafiaa. Anyway, they now need to quickly finish the building so they can move in by November. Her husband has gotten all his papers and PAID HIS TAX to boot, just to get an all clear for the development. Yet he is telling people who tax Hep? I am not working for Lagos state, well not on tax matters, but trust me, when the tax matter hits you, all your social media friends who say don't pay, will not be there. Even celebrities who try to tell you not to pay, or question what it's used for (which I think you should, but pay) they will not be there. Tax evasion is still a crime. I don talk my own. It's like when someone says drink responsibly, you say no, after you go begin beg for kidney assistance. There is nothing wrong in drinking, like anything else. Na the abuse of the process.

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  1. The card alone has a lot of benefits because I lost count of the things my friends/family has benefited from Lagos state government after presenting a tax payer card. Pay your tax. I am a proud tax payer.
    Bros, I know you will keep doing your best to inform people.
    God bless you for this generation.
    Canicus O.E