One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


The mind and what it thinks, is a function of our upbringing, our observations, our education, interactions, aspirations, inspirations and consequence of all that processed information. That is why it's not what goeth into us that messes up... It is what becomes of what came into us. Here in the picture, you will find the children helping to push back a dolphin that was washed ashore. That would be a different scenario at Badagry beach or even Elegushi beach. That Dolphin will be dead on arrival. This is exactly what is happening to Nigerian wealth. The people, most if not all, who get into office or are elected to represent us are hungry, ways and means people seeking for a way out for themselves. They will pad anything, steal anything and still not be satisfied. They will not even in the process use the stolen funds to create employment, that way everybody wins. No they will stifle projects that need funding. Refuse to enact laws that will fight corruption, plan for their election process 3 years ahead, plan for #Olympics 2 months ahead, collect sitting allowances for doing absolutely nothing on cushioned seats and air conditioned ambience, while the people who did not dip hands in national funds, are queuing, fainting and dying under the sun waiting for verification of their service, to collect pensions. Pension they would not have needed if the had only thought well of the future and stolen. If my dad stole On behalf of our family, N26b in 2005, and you ask us to refund the money, if we can not give you N50b, then we deserve to be shot or jailed. But instead, he did his job as an army officer, rose to 2-i-C in the Nigerian Army Education Corp of OJO Cantonment, retired from the military but continued serving in the ministry of Mines, Labour and Productivity in Warri. Now he has to go to Asaba to queue to collect his pensions. At over 86yrs, even with the money we all send to him, he still insists on collecting his ENTITLEMENTS. You should see him demanding his full compliments from army officers. Why? Because he served this country. Those who will push the Dolphin back in the water are selfless. Those who will butcher it are those in the Assembly.