One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Divine Oduduru

While some are waiting for Federal Government to come and put food on their tables, @divinerun aka "Let's Leave it in the hands of God" has taken things into his hands to teach us all that greatness can come from anywhere. He ran against @usainbolt. Even if he came last, and he did not, he has achieved something. But guess what, people like him don't get mentioned in our daily conversations. He can not trend. Has he impregnated anyone? Was he caught for rape? Did he fight with anyone? What we need to do is to make this kind of stories from #Ovwor#Olomu#Ughelli #DeltaState... become an inspiration to some who think going to burst pipelines and blow up oil installations is the only way to get attention. Guess what? This guy is representing all of us. Let's show him love. Follow @divinerun let's appreciate his good runs for our country.... Go look at his pictures. 12 likes. 32 likes... But if a babe shows cleavage... 5000 likes. One guy will wear only briefs... 10,000 likes... But this one? Naaaaa