One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Wednesday, 10 August 2016


Most times, the reason you actually get a job, is the value that you bring to the table. That is why you get employed. Not the fact that you went to a great school, speak well, dress well, came highly recommended. Some time back, a friend wanted an executive assistant.
The job would come with some traveling, meetings, writing, ideas sharing and development, self motivated decisions, fast thinking, broad mindedness, dress sense, delegated representation, a car, deliverables with little or no supervision and N200K start up... And depending on the VALUE proposition of the assistant, the salary will be reviewed in 3 months. My friend runs a priority and premium services company. So after going through their credentials, he asked, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU CAN DO FOR ME THAT SHOULD MAKE ME EMPLOY YOU RIGHT NOW? Ol boy!!! Come and see pitch!!! "Anything you want me to do I am ready" Said the lady from a private university in EDO State. Another applicant from AKOKA said "I will help you achieve your goals, blah blah blah". He said one guy said "I am not married so all my time is mine".... After 5 more answers like this and that, a lady came in and she said "I will start from arranging your appointments to give you time for yourself and things that matter to you. I will find out what you like and those things that upset you. So that I can make sure you are in the best of moods Monday to Friday. I will find out your areas of strength and the areas that need to get better..." He employed her. But, 3 months into the job, his wife poached her. Now he is looking for a replacement because after 4 new applicants, none has managed to fit in her shoes!

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