One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Wednesday, 10 August 2016


Jesus did not send someone to go and call Zacchaeus from home. In the parable of the 10 maidens, the other 5 left the dance floor. David met Goliath on the battle field. Opportunity knocks but once... Hey, have you built a door or a wall? You have to create opportunity for opportunity to knock.
The opportunity that will climb your fence and break through your door if you don't answer, or sit by your door to wait till you wake up is no more an opportunity. At best, that's a squatter. Met a friend once who said in these days of advancement in technology, when opportunity raises her hand to knock, make sure you have already installed an automatic door, so it just opens to let her in. This is also another pointer to that biblical saying that "God will bless the work of your hands"... You must be doing something. You can't just believe. That's faith. And faith without works is... You know what. Ruth did not wait at home, even when she was bereaved. MOSES' mother did not wait for Pharaoh's daughter to come pick Moses from her at home. Even with God on their side, the Israelites still sent spies to study Jericho. Yet they knew the battle was not theirs. Like Prophet Mohammed (peace be on his name) said, Go and tie your camel first, then leave the rest for Allah. Doing something is your equity contribution to your success. Not doing anything equals waiting for success to be dropped on your lap. It's like making opportunity climb 1004 Flats staircase to the 7th floor. She knocks. She doesn't climb or stoop to please. Who recalls one old school song that said, "So many times, by holding back, I let the good things pass me by... Nothing is certain you gotta go for it if you need it" so make that move on the dance floor. And opportunity will join you. Have a great day!

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