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One Lagos Fiesta

Saturday, 23 June 2012


I need 2 share something that has been bothering me 4 a while.

Its about dying values in our society & how it will continue to get worse if we keep up this attitude of "let's just leave the exhibitors of the lack of such values". I havent been a fan of profanity & vulgarity. That is not to say I cant be very fluent in them. I chose not to. Respect and mutual decorum on any platform is key. I would not step into your space to insult you. I might tolerate some subs and laugh it off. That's about it. Especially when I did not call for it. When I step out of bounds, then I will quietly chop my sub and move on.

Sometime ago when I saw that Howard Webb, the Manchester United Referee was handling the Madrid & Bayern match, I tweeted that I thought he only officiated in Red Devil matches. Several retweet & comments after, one smart guy retweeted with a hashtag "#dumbtweet". Dumbtweet?... Ok. So I returned the favour & said I expected him to know a dumb tweet since he was born to a dumb father. Needless to say that I blocked the bombastic element from my timeline!

A day after that, a lady who claimed to be the young man's "elder(not older) sister", sent me text messages to tell me how upset she was that I can stoop so low to insult a fan's father, a father who was older than me. And added that the boy was "just kidding". She also added that if I did not post that kind of tweet he would not have responded like he did. And asked why I would insult their father who was not on twitter. (Am I to blame for their father's inability to embrace emerging platforms of communications?) She then told me to boost my tolerance level.

Now, let me take this one after the other. The boy is not my mate. Neither he nor the "elder sister" failed to realize that. Since the boy is not my mate and i could not pock words with him, I thought it was right that I returned the favour by talking to his fada!

Tolerance level my foot! Dont get it twisted o, that I'm a celebrity no mean say I be akamu o! Shine your eyes. Certainly, as a celebrity, one sacrifices his most of his personal space and life in the public domain. But that does not mean I should not be respected as a human being. That I am a celebrity does not mean a boy of 18 or less will call me dumb because I said something about a general impression that is jokingly passed around amongst football lovers? I am an Arsenal fan and I have heard people say the last time Arsenal won anything the Nigerian National Anthem was still "Nigeria we hail thee!" To be sincere, much as I would rather hear nice things about my club, I liked the sense of humour behind that sub and my response was "OUCH!"

You know what? Several celebrities tell me that being reachable by each and anybody who wants to "see finish". Which is why some build a fence around themselves or have manager who interfaces with the fans. I now see why they do, but I still will be open and approachable. However, yes, however, anyone that crosses that line of decency and mutual respect gets axed because one bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch. So many people have good manners but when such people keep letting those who have seasoned bad manners walk all over the place like nothing is wrong with such character defect, it's all the encouragement they need to get worse.

By the way, didn't know Howard Webb had family members in Nigeria.

The other part of my grouse with the young man and his "elder" sister was, is the fact that they could take offence that I called their Dad dumb. Is it not ironic that their father's age ought to be respected but the age difference between the boy and I don't count? Is that not hypocrisy?

You see, what I am getting at here, is that we will destroy the future of our children if we let these loss of morals values continue. Some people will see a kid in primary school say something rude to people older than them and find it funny. Yes. The common thing you hear is, THE KID DOESNT MEAN IT. Really? In case you missed the memo, the Holy Book says, train a child the way he should go so that when he grows up he will not depart from it. Even in jest. Be guided.

I have decided, that I will not stop correcting those I come in contact with. Before he or she shows up as my sons' wife or daughters' hubby. Any young man or girl, who thinks posting porno or it's equivalent as an avatar, will surely see nothing wrong in using profanity and anger as a response to anything they can not comprehend. The GOLDEN RULE, any language you can not pray to God in should be used behind closed doors. Shikena.

Consequently, let's not ignore children that were brought up on moral deficit and bankrupt values. True, their parents failed, tolerating them won't change a thing. It will just give them more room to rot. And with their character set they then pass that on to their own children.

Let us begin to teach our children communication skills and ability to carry on conversation without resorting to vulgarity, insults, anger and violence. Let them learn to express themselves and table their points convincingly. I know it's by a long stretch, but I seriously think these cults in schools is on the increase because some kid thinks its a cult that will give him that confidence and respect that he can't earn. I may be wrong, but that's what my gut feeling tells me.

I know these things sound like crap... But like it or not it had to be said.

Sorry, this was not meant to funny.



    Now to the post... you'd be amazed that some of these people who blab online can't utter a word outside the 'security' of social media... moral values and social media don't go hand in hand.

    Once you're on, you feel you can be a porn star, a gangsta, an intellect, a clown all in one... in a "just joking" way, after all na just internet.
    basically, it's a safe place for the possessed alter egos to come out and play.

    You teach your children what's right and they log on to see the opposite of your right being celebrated and hailed online... and there goes all the years of instilling values.
    God help my generation and the generations to come.

  2. "By the way, didn't know Howard Webb had family members in Nigeria."

    If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. If you cannot handle any verbal assault on your father, why do the same to someone else' father.

    That was moral upbringing at its lowest ebb.

    Your efforts will vindicate you in the long run, cos you said it you see it, especially, for the advancement of a better Nigeria.

    I am humbled!

  3. So he doesn't want somebody to insult his father,yet he can insult someone else's. "Do unto others what you expect them do unto you"...

  4. @anonymouses, I don't think Alibaba did anything out of the ordinary giving our environment by sending the message back to the boy's father who should have taught the boy to respect his elders. You see we tend to forget that our celebrities are just flesh and blood like us and have feelings and weaknesses like us. And to the sister I'd say she should have first apologised on behalf of her brother, and I think if she had done dat Alibaba would have also apologised to her dad, shikena, gbam.

  5. Its a pity some scums don't have a mind of their own.. They are just good at following, these set of people are the "all is well weather friends"...
    You talk and support everything, anything, other things, as far as the person behing is recongnized..

    If ali says yes, the go all yes, if no they follow suit, what kinda life is that, use your head and think for your self.

    Ali was wronged by the guy and his sister, but Ali also wrong in insulting a father, the point here is some idiot are posting and saying the guy is beating up or insulting an older person, but is Ali not doing the same thing in return....

    See that one saying Ali castigator, who is castigating who.. Do u think Ali himself hasn't realize he wronged in some aspect. Yet you go all out on the other party because he is a nobody or on screen personalty.

    Ali if u are even reading this reply (bcos I have not seen u reply in all your blogs) I bet if this insult or arguement is btw u and one other celebrity,,, I swear dis same ppl supposrting you here and writing to support the wrong doing, will also go to the other celebrity's wall or post and do the same thing,

    So who is castigating who I ask again....

    All this unrepentant follow follow mugus... I smh for you...

  6. If some dumb ppl will read in btw d lines, dis guy in question is innocent, well maybe a lil of an outspoken talkative.

    He is just a die hard fanatic who can't take insult abt his team. We all know there are ppl dat always tend to fight when u pick up on their EPL team, most especially arsenal and chelsea fans. If you have been to a viewing centre, you should have come across all this.

    I categorize this guy as one of them, and all he said was #Dumb tweet# which I assume he is saying, "lies,Rubbish"etc. Implying that Howard webb is not behind Man u success.

    But the older person in question whom I assume should know better, went wild and doubled it on d guy, implying dis older person is an egoistic, proud, showing off, too much of himself person. YES I AM Very correct, because I was like that... I attack anyone who tries to play or dent my personalty, but am changed.

    Inotherwords, you Mr man shouting Fiscipline blah blah blah, forming grammarian and english, you are lost in d matta, The older person whom should be in control and either should have deleted d tweet and block d child from his TL or overlook it since its a public place, where every TOM, DICK and HARRY can come and dump whatever he/she likes, be in the position to forget it and move on, because I don't think calling a tweet dumb does not directly make you the smart writer dumb, rather you also behaved DUMB by acting like a child and insulting another older person whom you are annoyed of being a younger one insluted you.

    Well I rest my case here, but to all those whom wants to think that they are supporting one side of the story most especially those on Alibaba side... ... You are wrong

    Well if you don't agree.. Keep supporting and appraising him oo, maybe one day, you urself will write an harmless tweet to him, thinking u are being funny... Will also get Your FATHER INSULTED... #shikena#

  7. The boy was probably wrong to have said what he said... But two wrongs never make a right. More so coming from someone of Alibaba's calibre and standing.

    No matter what the boy might have said, Alibaba should never have retorted to insulting his father. This is the same thing parents try to instil in their wards.

    What makes Alibaba different from the boy? The boy insulted Alibaba (an elder) and Alibaba also insulted the boys father (an elder). They have both done the same thing in my opinion.

    Lastly, Alibaba should never have brought up this issue again... Let sleeping dogs lie.. The past is the past... Let it go.

  8. There is a proverb in my Igbo dialect that says (translating directly) - "If a proverb has to be explained before you understand, your mothers dowry is a waste. Be guided

  9. this was funny and serious at the same time, we need to be aware of the little things because they build up big things, our society is at stake because of nonchalance and ignorance, this is a step in the right direction and i'm solidly behind yu

  10. Its like dis,what wld you do mr alibaba if you go to a show and crack a joke and someone from the crowd who doesn't feel the joke at that moment shouts from the crowd sayin thinz like 'dumb' 'not funny'' stale ' and all.....would you yab his father for that ? When you are not sure who the father his exactly .what you can't do in real life dnt do on the internet pls

  11. Well, its but only normal for different people to see one situation in different lights. It lends credence to the saying "We see matters the way we are, not the way they are".

    Though we all have varying views on @ALIBABAGCFR's actions, we will all see ourselves agreeing with him on the state of our Moral Values as been endangered. We will also find ourselves agreeing to his assertion that a "let's just leave the exhibitors of the lack of such values" mindset will only breed more insolence in the society.

    While I wont mention why so many Anonymouses choose to take the contrary view, nor why its much easier to haul insults under the comfort of anonymity, its important to mention so many of the comments proves further the host's postulates on the state of our moral values.

    I would hazard a guess that most of those who dim it fit to insult (and all its synonyms) the host fall far below in the age line, yet see no fuss about why they shouldn't. Ofcourse, he's a CeLeBrItY (our property), and "we are all older than celebrities".

    I think (in my opinion) that we are all forgetting that our society used to be founded on cultural values before the advent of social media. It will take our conscious effort to embrace development without loosing our culture.

    As it also was cultural, I apologize on the young man's behalf, we are sorry.

    Ofcourse, I do not expect the 160 million Nigerian to agree to my "opinion", but I do expect them, all of them, to respect it.

    I leave the host with a Yoruba proverb which I will translate, viz: "When the housefly eats on a wound, the whole world is oblivious; but if the wounded turns to start eating the houseflies, the world cries FOUL".

  12. Ali's tweet was a banter, the boy should not have insulted his thinking by calling it a #DumbTweet. That was rude and demeaning, I'm sure most of us on here would be equally upset. I'm not here to say anybody was right but 2 wrongs don't make a right.

    To an extent, I understand why Ali did what he did. Twitter is a funny place @ times. Some people who only know your tweets but don't know you personally, think its ok for them to take cheap shots @ you, so they can make a few people 'LOL'. He simply rebuked the boy so other people won't get the idea that its ok to do same. That's the disadvantage of the social media.. People hide behind their keyboards & hurl insults @ others.

    Ali, I may only be a 'boy' myself, but I'm sure you'll find this popular saying useful. "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me."


  13. I concur to the crust of the matter: a total decline in morals is evident in our present society.
    It's also sad how people hide behind the label 'anonymous' to be so disrespectful and vicious.
    Baba Ali (sounds respectful this way :D), I'm not a 'celeb' but I understand what it feels like to be attacked unduly; still, two wrongs don't make a right.
    In all, it’s well!

  14. Wow! all sorts of anonymous messages trading insults and feeling fly, maybe u have so soon forgotten that this platform through which you have decided to vent your anger is a mature platform by the "CELEBRITY" to soften his anger and make a joke out of the whole 'ISH', instead of following suit you have just magnified yours. Pele oh!

  15. The boy was wrong in insultingly tweeting at Ali,Ali was wrong in directing his words to the boy's father instead of the boy himself. Two wrongs don't make a right,so boy,don't tweet insultingly at ur elders,Ali when u get those tweets again,just delete it or block the person cos u never know whose watching & for ur own reputation cos while the boy is Anonymous,u have a name to protect.

  16. I wonder what our country and culture has turned into. I remember vividly when I was growing up that there was this very saucey and troublesome woman in my neighbourhood and as a result, I didn't respect her one bit. There was a day I quarelled wiv her & instead of her to abuse me, she abused my mum instead just cuz she felt I wasn't old enuff to rain abuses on her. To say the fact, I was furious but my mum came back and scholded me for abusing someone else's mother (despite her knowing the woman's capabilities) after I explained everything to her. And really, I learnt my lesson that day.

    Y'all supporting the little boy for being disrespectful are the cause of our nation's problem. Why abuse the elderly if you know you wouldn't want a retaliation on your own elder (including your parents).

    Abeg make una call spade spade and free una unncessary ranting and immorality wey una don come pose for the whole world.

  17. 'The GOLDEN RULE, any language you can not pray to God in should be used behind closed doors. Shikena'that is my favourite line in this post.