One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Thursday, 14 June 2012


Thanks for finding time to visit my blog. I can not thank you enough for finding time to visit it. I appreciate. As with new stuff, I am getting used to managing the page.

As you would have seen, the postings have no paragraphs and it's all joined together. That was not how they were written. I actually wrote them in a notepad on my iPad, corrected thm as much as I could manage and posted. Only to see that HTML or whatever would not render original stuff as posted.

To that effect, I will now contact that short guy called ABINIBI, that handles Internet related stuff for me to come look at it. I promise that would be sorted in the next 48hours.

I hope I don't make demands on your time too often by getting you to pop in here. Because i do intend to keep posting all those my scattered thoughts, as often as i can gather them together now and then. Please do bear with me.

Don't know why I am typing with all these paragraph SEF... The HTML will still do what ever pleases it anyway.

Once again, thank you... Oooooooosheee


  1. Ali Baba if the html like make e mix every up me go still read am like that...... Love ur work......i ve been a fan since my university days back in 1996 its a pity i ve only seen u live on stage once...... Will have to do something abt that

  2. You are very welcome bros. Its was fun going thru your blog n I'll find out time to do dis as often as possible.I had a nice time here. Ciao.

  3. Oluwakemi Ojeagbase15 June 2012 at 13:31

    Welldone it is good to know one would be able to laugh and learn from your thoughts, kudos bros, more grease to your elbows.

  4. It is refreshing reading such good writing. I'm sure Alibaba is a Mensa.

  5. The relief that comes from reading a very thought-provoking and educative humour is nothing compared to the manner in which the post was arranged. Bottomline is that, the message was passed and it sank in.

    Keep the lesson coming. It's more eliciting when one discovers that it is lined with realities of life, which are a great deal to draw lives lessons from.

    Thanks Bro, will be a regular on this page as time permits.

  6. Av been stuck to ds blog since morning. Your really the number one pace setter comedian & your still standing. Who Jah bless no man can curse. Keep writing. We'll keep reading. More grease, groundnut oil & even palmoil to ur elbow sir.