One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Thursday, 8 December 2016

All hands on deck

All hands on deck... let me take a little time to explain the meaning of this common phrase. Long before engine powered sea going vessels came into being, sails held sway, and it is believed that when at sea and you were faced with hostile waves and tempests, it wasn't a time to be cook, doctor, Carpenter, tailor, engineer... every hand was needed on deck to control the sails... that's why you are a sailor. The most important thing at that point in time is how to stabilize the vessel and make sure little damage is incured. That is what a lot of people fail to understand in politics, in organizations, institutions, marriages and partnerships of any sort. Once you become a member of a team, your actions and indeed your inactions can cost the whole crew irreparable damage. This is what getting a red card, can do to a team that is one goal down, and a member decides to give someone a hard tackle in the 18 yard box. So even if the awarded penalty is saved, your red card just makes it harder for the team to make it up. And if converted, it's even worse. Many people are in relationships, they will not stand up to defend their partners. In fact, they do more damage to a partner's reputation than from the outside, by their actions and inactions. Imagine this #AmstelMalta Matter. There was a wrong impression that it was fake. The organization made a statement and some corrective activations to right public opinion. Guess what?Many Staff of the organization are online. None took it upon themselves to help spread the word. Go through their timelines. Nothing. They are waiting for the PR company to sort it out. You are all sailors in the sea of business. The PR guys may be the ones on deck, but when there is hostile seas, ALL HANDS MUST BE ON DECK. Recently, like in the #AmstelMaltacase, some banks had bad press. You would be surprised that some of the staff of the banks didn't even try to defend the brand they worked for. That is actually when you all pull together. If the banks went down today, will you resume there tomorrow? Don't forget that the word "appraisal" is total. It takes in all the good things you have done to help the organization & the ones you haven't.

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