One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Thursday, 8 December 2016

They may be keeping you alive.

My friend made me understand this on a different level. She was in need of a driver, and she met a guy who complained that his driver was always coming late to work and that he had to let him go. The driver had to resume in Lekki every morning. She later found out that the said driver lived in Ketu. And since she was in Ogudu, she asked to take the driver over. When she asked the driver why he was always late, he said he always got home at 9pm or later and he had to wake up at 5 am and he can get to lekki anytime before 8am. So he got the job. He was getting 50k for the Lekki job. So she continued to pay him that amount. Depending on where he stayed in Ketu, Ogudu was a walking distance. Expectedly, the 15k he claimed he always spent on transport would be saved. She allowed him to get to work at 8am. Besides paying his rent, she did a lot more for him. Just to make him happy to do his job. And he decided to pay back by stealing diesel. She sacked him after 6 months on the job. Not because of the diesel. Because when she saw her mechanic at a friend's place, "Madam, you no dey come service for our workshop again ooo. E no good ooo!" She had been giving this driver money to do all that and he had always claimed to have done as directed. So one Saturday, she told him to go service the car. And after he was gone for 30 minutes, she drove to the workshop. He was not there. She called him and he claimed he was there. So she told him where she was, and asked him to meet her there. He drove back to the house, parked the car and sacked himself! Onto the next driver job, I guess! By the way, the car had not been serviced for over 4 months!

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