One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Children Education

Let me Show you how failure to give our kids the basic education can better be understood. So 4 kids are let into a classic living room. There is a grand piano, almost in the middle of the room. The other kids gravitate towards the television set that is showing#powerpuffgirls. Only one, who is totally smitten by the shear size of the piano, goes to the grand piano and starts playing. And is in awe total awe of it. He has a 4 octave keyboard but this was pure heaven. This is what has happened. The other kids were not drawn to the grand piano. They were not because they have no clue how it is played. So nothing about it can grab their attention, like the cartoon they are watching. Children need to be taught the basics in Education, so that they are drawn to books, seeking knowledge, puzzles, develop the instincts that asks why, what, what, who, where, when, which, whose...? But failure to instill and install those basics is the reason they have no interest in anything remotely academic. Let me ask you, all The English speaking people on my timeline, how many times have you picked up a magazine, found out it's written in French or German or even Spanish... and you quickly drop it. Because you know there is nothing you can make out of it, so when someone tries to force you to read it, you will continue to hate the magazine and whoever is trying to make you read it. That is what is happening in our schools. Some kids in primary 5 can not rearrange the Alphabets if you juggle them up. They can't form 2 letter words, say less spell... to make sentences becomes rocket science. That explains the wrong tenses, wrong pronunciations, poor lexicons, plain murder of the English. But wait, it gets worse. MANY WHO CANT SPEAK ENGLISH, therefore, find it hard to express themselves in that language. So they resort to the best way. Anti social behaviors, withdrawal, poor understanding of issues, slow thought processes, gesticulations and violence when the thing hook them. Don't forget that you can not upgrade a brain that was not formatted to accept upgrade. That's our problem. And it is our biggest problem. That's why the uneducated can't see beyond election money!

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