One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Two different tools

Just looking at these two pictures will just mean one thing to you. Two different tools. But let me ask, if your life challenges depend on this tools, which would you like to have? The first time I saw the top one was in Dubai... Amin, is a wild Royal. He owns Camels, Argentine Horses, Harley Davidson bikes, Yatch, Jet skis, a helicopter and countless SUVS. This multipurpose knife is in all his vehicles. He never goes driving or riding without one. He said he always likes to have a solution nearby. But this is not about him. This is about the Nigerian creative sector. We have gone to sleep for too long. I agree the government had not created the enabling environment. But ask yourself, was it the government that created the boost that heralded #BehindTheCloud#Checkmate #SurpleBlues#NewMasquerade #TalesByMoonlight#MorningRide? And many others? No. It took a creative mind to bring the idea to life. Every time I see @channelstelevision, a NEWS based station, winning television station of the year, it further tells me the kind of slumber our manager programs and creative minds are in. It's almost a coma. This is not to take away from the achievement of Channels. They deserve to win again and again. They worked hard for it. How is it that some who does one thing is beating you, that does everything, including what Channels does and even has a wider reach, can't beat them hands down? At best, with all creative abilities in your possession, activated, what Channels should win should be News Station of the year. But no. You have missed the memo. Content is king. That was till Channels came out. Now News content is king. John MOMOH and his team deserve all the credits they get. Because there is no excuse.

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