One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Wednesday, 7 December 2016


Rape cases are becoming rampant. Our daughters are being taken advantage of. That said, some innocent Men have paid prices they never bargained for. Not every lady that says she was raped was raped... But when it's your word against her's that is always believed, my simple take is to avoid the situations that could lead to such accusations. Joseph went to jail for same false accusations, in Egypt. If she says NO... don't try to convince her, to say yes. Don't try to be a player. No does not mean yes, undercover, even if you try harder. If you suspect that you are being set up, get a witness. Some ladies are mean like that. I ran into a journalist friend of mine, late March, this year, and he looked sickly. I knew he had relocated overseas. So after 6 years, I met him at one of those Charity walks. He had been in jail in the US, for a rape case he did not commit. Thank God for one of the friends of the victim, who testified against him, who later had a change of heart, after he had been behind bars for 4 years. She said the guilt was eating her up, and couldn't sleep at night, so she confessed. I asked if he had wronged her, he said he never even knew her that well. He had just resumed as a janitor while waiting for his papers to come out... but it looked like this lady never liked him. Long story of how he was framed... and he was locked up! He could have been killed. His wife left him. He lost everything. His lawyers are battling to get him citizenship now, because if it were not that rape case, he would have been a citizen. I pray he gets it. So guys be careful out there! Peace

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