One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Thursday, 8 December 2016


Padding is when you add something to an original object to enhance and make it look better. It is usually with an intent to make unsuspecting persons believe it's more than it actually is. So when you try to behave like an angel and you are actually not, you have padded your behavior. If you are broke like nornor and carry on like you are loaded, it's padding. If you switch to spree spree just to sound like a foreigner, you are padding. Whenever you tell a story and add to it, just to make the gists sweet, you have padded. If you like anyone a lot but say I love you instead... you have padded it. If your eyelashes are just there and you add to it and make it look like a wiper... padding. All the times that someone asked you to give them a true comment on what they looked like... and you say awesome, that is padding. Now that we are ready clear, all these make up artists that were blaming the National Assembly for padding... God is watching you through a pinhole camera. And men, when you finally find out that the objects of attraction were padded, and you don't say anything, and go on like it was no problem, YOU LOSE THE RIGHT TO COMPLAIN. Because failure to say, "Hold it!!!!! That was not what I expected. I am sorry. I have to go."