One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Thursday, 8 December 2016

The Business of Media

Many media outfits in Nigeria have continuously failed to see their platforms as a way of activating the huge potentials in the entertainment sector. They think of making money first before thinking of creating content. That explains why they have failed to create original content. It's that same mental laziness that has pervaded the whole country. How else do you explain a country bursting at its seams with talents, culture, history, human capital, drama and current affairs... yet we borrow media content from overseas. We even get swamped with their gossip and overlook the gists right under our noses. It's not about exposure. It's a total case of foreclosure on our original materials. Remember how we all went to see Fela on Broadway... Asa nko? We only woke up to her music after she was acknowledged over seas. Wole Soyinka got a Nobel prize before we could even honour him. Now foreign record labels are coming to sign our artistes. Our sports talents only become acceptable to us after they make it outside. Why? Because we like finished goods. No one gave Globacom a chance. We like foreign. DSTV is a case in point. Luckily... there are some who can prove them wrong. I met a media mogul... and laid out over 30 television shows that could turn around his TV business. He and his team shook their heads and scuffed at my programme ideas. 4 of those same programmes have been snapped up by others. Now, I tune in to his station and shake my head. Media is supposed to define and direct. Not play catch up. Africa wake up.

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