One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Thursday, 8 December 2016

NJC and the Judges...

I had the last laugh! We are a bunch of people who are easily swayed by sentiments. That is one of the reasons that we are where we are in a society where the courts have failed us. How can you have people who are bigger than the law? The same law that they are supposed to protect? How can we let the last hope of the common man be eroded by injustices? People have been shouting quietly, that the judiciary was stinking to high heavens. That young lawyers were being frustrated by senior lawyers who use their connections to win cases rather than the articulation of their arguments. Yet some idiots, yes, idiots, call themselves learned, and come out to say calling such judges to order is overstepping executive powers!!! How?!!! Do you know why jUdges are called "my lord"? They are gods! They can give and take life! One wrong ruling and you will see your life crash! A former Chief Justice of Lagos told me that In, 2001, a woman went to court to get her marriage dissolved, and the husband begged the judge not to dissolve it. That he will change since the wife meant the whole world to him. The judge adjourned the case and invited the couple to his chambers. He asked the man to win back his wife. The man was lying down in his chambers to beg the wife. This said couple just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. The judge can destroy lives. They are like doctors. One single error of judgement can mean the whole world will come crashing down for the person denied justice. Even the lawyers in NBA, who initially protested, later saw beyond the smoke screen of sentiments to make a U-Turn! Some of those who were shouting politicized arrest, had not even seen the case files. A drowning man will grasp at anything. So if the Justices were Innocent, they can exonerate themselves, get lawyers to stand in for them, and make some killing. And since they know the judiciary is infallible, they can be sure they will win. So what is the problem? Is it not in this country, that young lawyers with promising future, face up to SANs, and when the elder fellow sees he is about to lose the case will be adjourning till the defendant dies out of frustration and case is struck out? Mscheeeew

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