One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

National Budget

This is exactly what was happening to our National budget... and the people who had been chopping all these while... after filling their stomachs, always let a little trickle down to the masses. That little that trickles down, is what is not coming any more. That is why many people are now saying let us all just kuku go back to status quo. Let us stop giving few people the chance to chop our commonwealth while we are just ok with the crumbs. Let there be a timetable... and let everyone eat at the table, in the dining hall. Not to allow a select few who will now use our collective wealth to amass wealth, live large, build mansions, build investments they will retire to when they leave office, afford foreign education for their kids... you see, there is no way it was going to be easy to reverse the many wrongs. I understand not all who are now helping to recalibrate the system are not saints, but trust me, even the spies sent by Moses and Joshua, needed Rehab... l believe things will get better.

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