One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Other people's reaction

In life, some people will come at you for no reason but just because that is the only way they know how to relate. Very often, they have been raised that way, or they were conditioned that way, or they have gotten away with it so many times, or they think that it's the only approach to things. One profound thing I have always found to be true is that if the only tool you have in life to deal with issues in your life is a HAMMER, everything will look like a NAIL in your eyes. Lack of education, poor upbringing, poverty, denied love and attention, absence of inspirational role models, child abuse and bad friends contribute a lot to these kind of behaviour as exhibited in this video. You will notice that the man came out attacking. Even when he was being begged to stop. He continued hitting. Can you now imagine if the person he hit, had a history of violence? THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS IN RELATIONSHIPS. People from different backgrounds, raised differently, come into a partnership and the interplay of the consequences of those upbringing start to manifest. Train a child the way he should go and when he grows up HE WILL NOT depart from it. That means the only way to make him depart from it, is RETRAINING. How do you retrain an adult? Just like you saw in this video, that is is the process. At least now he knows that he can not just attack anyone, when he is upset, because they might be stronger and put your ego on the floor. HE of course had always gotten away With it. That's what needs to start happening. WE HAVE LET THESE HERDSMEN THINK NOTHING CAN HAPPEN WHEN THEY STRIKE. That is why they still do and will continue to do. Until they realise that there are repercussions. Until then, the herdsmen have the upper hand over the State, the police, the army and the people. I have been proven right times without number.

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