One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Tame your dragons

Like in Game of Thrones... tame your dragons now. When they grow and become uncontrollable you will regret it. When the herdsmen started their pillaging of communities... we let them get away with murder. Now it's a carnage. We are still wondering where we went wrong. Civil servants on salaries of N2.5m per annum were building shopping malls of N300m... we kept quiet. A local govt chairman, who was a charge and bail lawyer in 2012, owns a 200 room hotel in 2 years, no questions. Your man is slapping you as a boyfriend, and you are blinded by his money or bedroom skills... now he gives you the red eye daily. Oh I forgot, love is blind. You are nearly there. She doesn't respect you. But you always wanted a trophy wife. A kim Kardashian. Now she insults you in public and slaps you at home. She kept telling you "you are not my kind of man", but you were bent on proving her wrong. Lobatan. We continued to watch our monies looted and nothing happened to looters. Now they control even institutions that can cause a change. Judiciary. Police. Legislature. Political parties. You failed to raise your kids well. And you are wondering why their generation has issues. Haba!!.

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  1. If only we are bold enough to ask questions! O wait! It isn't boldness at all, I guess the fear of being arrested for speaking up; that's what's making us hush!