One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Return on Investment

Some peipleblike to be spoon fed. So here we go...If you already think that this RETURN ON INVESTMENT MEANS financial benefits, you need to stop right there and grow up first. A call, a geniune concern, an understanding of situations, a sacrifice, refusing others with visible better offerings, to be with you... all that is investment. The problem with a lot of people is that when they hear "invest in me" they immediately think it's in monetary terms... how sad. If I was supposed to go for a wedding of a friend in Port Harcourt, over the weekend, but gave up to spend time with you on your birthday, THAT IS AN INVESTMENT. If you then don't consider it as an investment, then I did not get return on that investment of my time. That is why it's called opportunity cost. People need to grow up emotionally. Some ladies will stick with a broke guy because he appreciates what she does for him. And it does not necessarily mean she is giving him money to earn that appreciation. It could just mean that she is his greatest fan and number one supporter. Who tells him you can do it. It could also mean that the guy tolerates all her eruptions and all what would have counted as "unacceptable" in some other guy's books. He has very important things to do in Lagos and yet, drives out of Lagos to Ibadan, Benin, or even Abeokuta, with you for something that is important to only you, and you still do not appreciate the fact that he could for all intent and purpose told you, he is busy... then you just wasted the time he invested in you. If she fails to appreciate the fact that he is tolerating her... then he has wasted his investment of patience and understanding. I AGREE THAT MONEY MATTERS IN MANY THINGS... But to think everything is money matters, is exactly why you have issues. So let me repeat, if you do not get immediate return on the investment you make in a relationship... Stop investing. Let what you have invested start yielding returns.

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