One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Thursday, 8 December 2016

The place of Prayers

You don't need to pray over an empty fuel tank. Drive into a fuel station and get some. If you have a flat tyre, get a vulcanizer. If you have not had a bath, get up get some water and go have a bath. If you are hungry, go fix something yo eat. If you have an examination in 4 months, your success lies in reading and understanding. Then you now prepare for possible questions that might be asked. If you want to go to America, you prepare for the visa application, get visa, get your ticket and fly. No need for prayer. You can not sit at home and wait for a husband. You either go to a well, (where men who have gone to tend their flocks gather) or go to the fields like Ruth (Especially when you know you are living with a tag.. e.g, she is a widow, she is too rich, she is too proud, she is too beautiful, she is not young anymore, she must have a Bobo already...) You can not have light and hide it under a bushel. Moses mother did not wait for Pharaoh's daughter... she made a move. Zaccheaus climbed a tree. The woman with the issue of blood grabbed! Someone cried out! Do something about your situation. When you like a guy, do you sit and wait for him to ask you out? No. you sprinkle hints that you like him here and there. You don't just wait. Even if you are the fastest man in the world like @usainbolt, you don't take it for granted that you will win. You work to make sure you win. FAITH WITHOUT WORKS is a dodo! Don't start praying over what needs your action to activate. THE LORD SAID HE WILL BLESS THE WORK OF YOUR HANDS... not put work in your hands! 

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