One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Thursday, 8 December 2016


Remember when I wrote that "Even Jesus can not save us as things are" and religious bigots and over born again people went Gaga on me? So at the weekend, I ran into one of such oversabi at a party and she proceeded to give me a piece of her tongue. And since she did not do it in private, I opened this verse and made all the people who she was fuming in front of read the verse. Then proceeded to explain it. 1. First condition is "IF"... the decision is ours to make. God has given us everything and shown us what he can do. 2. My people (he has not denied us) who are called by my name (all but atheists) 3. Humble themselves (we must accept his ways) 4. Pray and seek (pray=faith and seek=action) 5. And my face ( everything you do should be with a mind that you are doing it in the presence of God... be reminded of his words) 6. AND TURN FROM THEIR EVIL WAYS (unless you stop all them corrupt practices, rigging, injustice, stealing, padding...) 7. Then ( this is the condition, then and only then) 8. Will I hear from heaven (Otherwise all your prayers will go to voicemail, because Dubai is on the other line in the other room) 9. Forgive their sin, (Like our debts were forgiven during Obasanjo, because there was visible repentance and attempt to change) 10. And heal their land (militants will stop fighting, roads will be fixed, kidnapping will stop, insurgence will be stopped, pensions will be paid, jobs will be created, justice will be served, development will come, growth will happen, the value of the Naira will go up, greatness will return.) After I was through with that, I now descended on her person. The people on the table had to ask me to stop. I was ready for her. Jesus said many shall call on him but he will answer only to those who follow his way... I am even happy, sadly, that oil prices are low, because we would have continued like nothing was wrong! We are in dire straits!!!!!!! Apart from oil, we are broke. And even that oil, we are not selling enough to meet the immediate needs! If the people who are called by my name... abeg... wetin I sabi? Shebi I am just a comedian

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