One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Before you make a commitment

Many people have been led astray by this kind of thinking. Not because they deliberately went astray. But because they allowed themselves to be convinced that once a promise is extracted, the person who gave the promise is BOUND TO FULFILL THAT PROMISE. How wrong can you be? Let's look at this critically. COMMITMENT MEANS STAYING LOYAL TO WHAT YOU GAVE YOUR WORD TO... that means what you said you will do, YOU MUST DO. I don't think so. Because, if I gave my commitment, while I was in a particular mood, it must have been consequent upon certain elements that added up to convince me to make that commitment. If in the long run, I find out that some of those elements were contrived or presented in a way to get me to commit, then the commitment would not stand. Let's for want of a better way to understand this say it's a relationship issue. She promised to marry you. And she discovers that you really don't earn as much as you said you did, she also found out that you were not a Christian, you just played holy holy to make her commit, or that you presented yourself as a caring young man, with generosity oozing from every pore on you... then she realizes it was all a mirage. And says she is not doing again, then you now whip up that "commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do, LONG AFTER THE MOOD IN WHICH YOU MADE THE COMMITMENT HAS PASSED", na thunder go faya you. Utmost good faith is not just an insurance term. It is also applicable to others aspects of life. If I promised to dash you 1m, and I later realize that you like to carry ashawo, smoke gbana and drink akpeteshi, plus you have joined bad gang,... that 1m will go into voice mail fast. So me I go dey work my money for you to go feed your irresponsibility and recklessness? Na so! This is why most ladies miss it. If a guy says I will marry you, it's not done and dusted. If he has reasons to think what he saw that made him commit are not enough or were wrong, he has a right to say I repent. And vice versa. Don't change because you got commitment. If you behave anyhow the person can uncommit! Be wise

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