One Lagos Fiesta

One Lagos Fiesta

Thursday, 8 December 2016


Most times in life, if not every time, when you are going through upgrading that is not the best time to rate anyone. When iron is in the fire, it takes all the beating till it's shaped onto the tool it is designed to be. Don't mind what people say when you are going through improvements. Just make sure it's for the better. This is exactly why I tell any woman who is pregnant, it is not time to be concerned about how people will see you. It's a process. It's ok to be out of shape because you are shaping someone. You are a manufacturing plant. Assembling the parts that God had given you to begat a new being. A being with potentials. Who knows if that is the child who will find a cure for cancer, ebola, aids, epilepsy...? Who knows? You are going through a process and you are processing thoughts that have nothing to do with your procedure. For wetin? Let your success justify the procedure. Ignore all the things they say. Just come out redefined, improved, better than ever and worth the wait.

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